Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello to all my stamping friends!!

I just got back from what will be my annual Special Education and Learning Services retreat through my school.  As many of you know I moved from the role of being a school teacher to a special education teacher and as such this was my first retreat.  We were very lucky to stay in a place overlooking a lake in the beauty of nature.  While I was there for training I also did find time to go jogging and walking so that I could enjoy some one on one time with nature, myself and God.  All I can say is it was devine!

I thought I would take the time today to reflect on a few things going on for me and a few shares too.  This will not appeal to everyone so if you are looking for a card, stop back tomorrow as I will have a post ready for you with a new card!

I have also been reading a number of books.  I never seem to start and finish one before I start another.  Each book has a purpose so I like reading different books to keep my interest piqued!

What is on my night stand:

Have a new Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman
As many parents have found, as soon as one challenge is over another one arrives!  Generally things are the same in my household.  I like to take more preventative measures and as a result learn things that can prevent the onset of problems.  With my son, this is particularly important because he depends so heavily on routine.  So introducing something new takes time. 

In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols 
This is a story of law and grace, of forgiveness and redemption of finding joy and rest in a broken world. I have just stated it but am very impressed so far!  If you have a review of this book I'd love to hear it.

The Magic in asking the Right Questions by Bill Mayer
This is a great book about positive affirmations and understanding how to control your thoughts.  It is amazing how wonderful your day can be if you start off on the right foot.  I am more grateful today and willing to share my gratitude with others.  I am not longer fearful.  I am open to opportunities!

 A new homeschool find for special needs:

We are always on the look out for great special needs products not just for my son but also for our school.  We are very fortunate to have a great homeschooling community where I live.  There are always classes, sports, programs, groups available for homeschoolers.  Each week we have a minimum of 3 outings but often have 4 sometimes 5.  These outings range from Awana, to homeschool skating, homeschool swimming, pottery class, Robotics learning camp (this was a winner for my son ), mad science club and more.  Each of those outings are typically 1-2 hours in length.  It gives my son time to socialize without shutting down.  He has low social skills and low tolerance in most environments due to sensory overload.  We have been working with the Model Me Kids series to reinforce some social cues, how to create friendship and more. The series comes with videos and booklets.  Because my son has low written output we did not order the workbook but instead have discussions around what we see in the video and then do some role play.  I have already seen a few improvements in his relations with others.  Of course that didn't happen overnight!

We are just about to start using the series Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum

I have heard some great things about it from my friends and fellow special needs teachers/parents.

What I have been working on:

This year is my year of wellness.  I have been attending some personal development courses, working out independently as well as with my husband using the P90X series

I have to say, we are only 2 weeks into this program and I am very impressed with the results already.  Mind you, we have been pairing this program right now with a 30 day Isagenix program (this is my second time using the 30 day read about my first 30 day program HERE).  I can actually see definition in my abdominal area.  I took some hideous before pictures (close ups) and will post my results at the end of the program.  I am taking photos every week too so you will be able to see a progressive change.  My goal is to tone my body and decrease my Body Mass Index (BMI).

I have also started a 30 Day Cleanse group support through e-mail and Facebook!!  This has been my one of the highlights of 2011.  The people I have been in contact with have been amazing. The group was created to support people through their 30 day cleanse.  So not only do I send you daily e-mails with tips but you also receive free information and training through the Facebook page (I created a secret page just for the cleansers), but also participate in discussion, shares and real life situations.  I will be there to coach you through the month.  I plan to run another one next month too.  If this is YOUR time to COMMIT to your HEALTH and improve your SLEEP, promote RADIANT skin, increase your ENERGY, shed some unwanted WEIGHT, build up your ENDURANCE and have FUN doing it, than this is YOUR TIME to join me and some other FABULOUS peeps for the 30 day March Cleanse Group.  Contact me for more information.  Please include Info March Cleanse Group in your title.  I will respond within 24 hours of you sending me an e-mail.

Well I have some more exciting things to share in the days to come.  Make sure you stop by tomorrow for the card I promised above!


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Sherrie said...

Hi there! I found your blog through your work with PTI. I love your style! but I'm commenting on your post about In Search of Eden. A friend "made" me read that last year so I began it without much interest, not knowing where it would end up but I LOVED it! I just wanted to send you my two thumbs up! I'm more a fan of the Classics or historical fiction but will take breaks from time to time to read some other recommended reads. This one was definitely worth my time! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.