Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update and My Brother's Wedding

My brother Drew got married to the love of his life Jenna on August 7th, 2010.  The morning after we left for a week long vacation to the lake. We had a wonderful family vacation and got back the night of the PTI release. As a result I have spent the past few days catching up on life, laundry and photography stuff. Yup. Photography.

Both my husband and I had the pleasure of being the photographers at my brother's wedding. I shared the invites with you in a previous post well now you get to see the "other work" we have been busily compiling. We will be visiting my brother and his beautiful wife in the next few weeks and we want to have all the photos edited for them. Because there were two cameras at work and we wanted to make sure we didn't get photos with blinking or open mouths etc we took A LOT of photos LOL.

Just over a year ago my brother dropped to one knee and asked Jenna to be his wife.  I still remember when he came to the house and showed me the ring.  I knew he planned to propose but I had NO idea he was planning that soon.  It was a special day because it was my son's birthday, a milestone birthday for Jenna's mom (and ALL her family was out to celebrate).  So anyways Drew and Jenna came over to celebrate Andrew's birthday but then had to rush off for Jenna's mom's birthday celebration.  So off they went and we were soon to follow.  I remember it was the HARDEST thing not to smile or say a word during their visit so I was giddy on the way to see the proposal which was at the lake in front of ALL of Jenna's family.  It was really special because Drew took her away from the crowd and told her he something really important to tell her.  She was nervous thinking it was something terrible because he was shaking and looked serious.  The next thing she knew he dropped to one knee and proposed. 

So a year later, they cleaned up nicely and got married...they are so happy and so in love!  My greatest wish for you both is that through the years, your love for each other will deepen and grow and that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least.  After 10 years of marriage I know this to be true!!  Love you both Drew and Jenna.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! The people, the story, the photos, the memories. Well done!
Tanya Frost

Dawn Easton said...

awww Alli, you told a beautiful story about your brother and new SIL! Brought tears to my eyes!
The pictures are GORGEOUS!

Julie Campbell said...

Alli! You are SO talented! I wish I could have had you take our wedding pictures! :)

Kathy said...

I'm with Dawn, those top photos gave me tears! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment with us, the photos are gorgeous. Congratulations to your brother and new sister.

Carolyn King said...

wow...beautiful pics! is there anything you don't do well?!?!?!