Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Clear.

We are wrapping up some fun at CHF...clearly you know what I am talking about?! Ok...just in case you missed it, the clear sheets have been on sale and that sale ends this week--I am telling you this is by far the BEST clear stuff I have ever used. Just a pointer...they would also be AWESOME with your cuttlebug and dies, your nestabilities, your can customize your own shapes with these beautiful clear sheets and they are durable enough to last.

Before I share my card with you I have had some very GOOD questions recently. I have been wondering how I could highlight them so they wouldn't get lost in my post so I am going to do a mini Q&As.

Shelly asked...
You use a lot of CHF and I went looking and I find it hard to find what I'm looking for...any suggestions for their site? I love the backgrounders you use and the school set.

A: The best place to start is the homepage
You'll always find the newest releases on that page and the main links. You can click on the images in the new release area and get a direct link to the set. You can also click on the "buttons" (Thomas Kinkade, Kim Hughes etc) along the edges. I find that if I know the set--or the images in the set, the search button will help refine that search for you. There is always room for improvement and I know that is the plan for the future so your input is welcome.

Barb asked...
I have a question for you. what prompted you to go to all Prism cardstock? None of our LSS has this brand of paper. What do you like about it over Stampin Up paper?

A: I switched over to prism for a few things...1) I LOVE the ability to choose texture and non texture sides 2) Many magazines (for publications) like you to submit cards made with products that are more readily available, although SU! is available in many communities it's not available in all communities 3) CHF carries Prism paper--you'll find that I usually use products available through CHF--it's a one stop shop.
**Prism paper is not as thick as SU! paper but I still really like the quality.

Kimberly asked...
This is absolutely beautiful .. just one question .. where do you write your sentiment for the recipient of the card?

A: Kimberly was referring to THIS card. I actually placed the inner strip of polka dot paper just for that reason and then the front strip covers it. If you don't mind seeing the message through the card there is always the option of writing it on the visible part of the flowery paper.

I used a sanding block to distress my buttons.

(see above)

I even decorated the inside of the card!

(see above)

So after I took photos of this card I found some gingham ribbon on the floor and suddenly thought "I NEED to add this to my card". So my question is, which one do you like better...ribbon or no ribbon?

Stamp Set(s):
-Nature's Silhouette (Kim Hughes Collection) by CHF
-Silhouette Blooms (
Kim Hughes Collection) by CHF

-Espresso by Ranger
-Willow by Ranger
-Mountain Rose by Ranger
-Vintage Photo Distress Ink by Ranger

-Clear Sheets by CHF

Patterned Paper
-Honey Pie: Quinn (Twist and Shout) by Cosmo Cricket
-Honey Pie: Isabel (Twist and Shout) by Cosmo Cricket

-Buttons by MME
-Ribbon by May Arts

Design Note
-Card is 5x5

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Lisa said...

Even though I like this particular ribbon, I prefer the card ribbonless. :O)

Cheryl said...

I am sure that I am the odd one, but I really like the card without the ribbon. Every one of your designs is spectacular. I have never seen one that I don't adore. I have wanted each one of your PTI releases (finances prevent that) and want to CASE each of your cards. Right now I am laid up after my back surgery, so there is no stamping going on, but lots of dreaming. Now I think I need some of the clear sheets and work with them!! Thanks Alli.

Julia Stainton said...

I know the ribbon addicts will probably hit them both Alli but I love the one without the ribbon best!

Shannan Teubner said...

So pretty! And although you know I love me some ribbon, I gotta say I like this one better without!

texasjodylynn said...

I love them both, but shockingly I prefer it without the ribbon. :)

Marie said...

This is a gorgeous card, either way. I love the earthy colors. I do have to say I'm more of a minimalist in my stamping style (unless I'm actually making an effort NOT to be on a specific card/project) so I'd have to say even though I really like both, the one without the ribbon is my favorite. :)

Christina Fischer said...

I love it either way -- it's gorgeous with fabulous details! I'm surprised at myself, but I think I like the one without ribbon better!

Shelly Kettell said...

Thanks for the info. I just need a little more patience i think...I want to check out the clear sheets too!
LOVE the card!!! when you added the ribbon shot I went back up and I have to say it's perfect without! With the ribbon it needs to go to a more is more gal!
Have a Happy Weds.!

JaneAnn said...

I like both cards, but I think I like the one without the ribbon the best. Thank you for sharing your pretty pretty cards - I use your site for inspiration.

2stampis2b said...

I am in the no ribbon this time camp, too! I think for me, it's because that red is so beautiful!

retiredheather said...

As I read the comments I realized that I am `part of a group`because I actually like the without ribbon one the best.,,the flowers have a great effect without the ribbon.
Retired Heather

Kathleen said...

I LOVE ribbon, but I say on this card---it's better without---you are sweet to ask!!! :)

Angie said...

Personally, I prefer no ribbon. When looking at both cards, I notice the ribbon first (when it's there) and it detracts from the image and sentiment. But that's just my opinion!

DeniseLynn said...

WEll I cannot believe it but I am going to say "no ribbon" and I am a ribbon girl. The card just stands so well on it's own - ribbonless. Your creations always rock.

Beth said...

I cannot believe that I am saying this but I like the one without the ribbon best! Either way this card truly rocks! The black accents are wonderful and I love the button treatments!

wendella247 said...

Love 'em both, but I think I like "no ribbon" better!

One Creative Life said...

I agree with the above I like it without. The card is super cute either way!~Erica

Debbie Olson said...

Oh, Alli! You would make us choose? I love them both, and had I not seen the ribbonless one, I know that I would have thought the ribbon perfect. But I have to agree that there's just something a tad closer to perfection on the ribbonless one. :-D