Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update and a card!

Hello peeps!!  I am happy to report that after 9 days grandma was released from hospital yesterday.  She has a long road ahead for recovery but she is out of the hospital and is feeling better so I am ready to celebrate. Thank you so much for your e-mails and comments recently.  I know many of you have been supporting me through Facebook too.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  You supported me and gave me strength to face each day.

We will be making some big changes in the family as grandma will not be driving for 6+ weeks and has plenty of appointments, OT visits, along with home care providers stopping by.  She is using a walker to move about and that also means we need to change the way her furniture is laid out and remove some of her furniture too.  Because she lives with us, we may also be changing our eating plans as she used to come upstairs to eat with now we may be eating with her downstairs.  Mum has taken on the enormous duty to look after her this coming week.  Grandma requires 24/7 care, including changing her bandages (she has 59 staples in her leg right now), cooking, memory work, exercise/physio and driving her to and from appointments.  Her short term memory has been greatly affected and so I am asking that if you or a loved one has gone through this and has some methods or strategies they would like to suggest I would appreciate it.  She has been clinically referred to as suffering from delirium however there has been some talk of dementia.  Only time will tell.

On that note, I had a recent card appear in Card Creations: Favorite Occasions, Vol. 2.  If you haven't picked up this issue I highly recommend it!  The cards are spectacular.

One of my fav stamp sets is Dawn McVey's Signature Greetings from PTI! I love her fun combination personal handwriting and computer font.  If you didn't know I am a typography fan and fresh combos make me excited!  And I seriously love the sentiment "Girly You Rock!"

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Joan B said...

Hi Alli, glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better. My 88 year old mom lives with us. Through many illnesses and a broken hip. Would love to email and "chat." Have lots of advice! just send an email if you are interested. you can reach me at bardee1 "at" cox "dot" net

good luck.

ps. love your work!

Lori Craig said...

So glad that Grandma is doing better! Love your little 4 square's charming! Hugs, my friend!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Your poor grandma! I am glad to hear she is on the mend.

I agree with you about the Card Creations issue, it's one of the best issues I've seen and not just because my friend's card made the cover and I have 2 cards in there. LOL Your card is awesome!

Erika's Cupboard said...

Gosh I love this card and the fabulous colors. Who says you can't make something beauuutiful with scraps! LOL

Glenda said...

Thanks for the update on your grandma. Hope everything goes well. You are a great granddaughter.

Fabulous card! Great layout and I love all the colours!

Barbra said...

Hi Alli, In comment to your Grandma and her memory. The best advise I could give you is to have a lot of patients. If she repeats the same thing over and over pretend like she is saying it for the first time. Just be there for her and smile a lot and of course let her know you love her. Even though she doesn't always know what is going on, she is there and warm and you can hug her. My Dad passed a few years ago and wasn't "there" at the end but I could still hug him. Now my Mom has horrible memory loss and can not remember what you told her 5 minutes ago. It is all so hard but this is life. As my Dad always said, "what can you do". Take care and give Granny a hug for me! Barb L.