Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life's lessons and a Lifestyle Challenge

I have never been one for change but somehow it finds me and I am quickly learning that the reason it finds me is because I have a lesson to learn. As many of you know last month I was away on vacation (we went to Disneyland) and immediately after our family vacation I went to a course called Beyond Courage with David Wood.  Interestingly, attending the course was not something I had originally intended however things seemed to line up for me to be there including being in California the day it started.  I found lots of reasons why I shouldn't go but one of the greatest reasons was fear. And then something within said "it's time to face up Alli!"

Honestly, who wants to face the things we fear head on?  Beyond Courage seemed to scream that and part of me was afraid to know what was stopping me in life.  Beyond Courage turned out to be everything I needed. I was able to awaken to my life adventure and connect with myself on a whole new level.  Although I had the BEST 7 days with my family at Disneyland (we have been saving for this trip for years now so it was a dream to see it happen and then actually have that family time) Beyond Courage was the BEST 5 days of my life because everything I learned I will use EVERY day for the rest of my life.  I faced more fears and learned more lessons than I could imagine.  Leaving Beyond Courage I was fearless, ready to take on the world and filled with hope.  And as you know I came home to my first challenge.  While Grandma's surgery was successful her recovery has been slow.  Given her age this was expected but I am not sure I was ready for this new road.  Or was I?  Beyond Courage definitely set the stage for this; albeit I was not ready to take those new lessons and apply them right away.  Initially I curled into a ball and wanted to run away but some of my great friends who also attended Beyond Courage reminded me of the tools I learned and challenged me to put them in action.  I also need to say that my mum has also been a huge part in helping me with this new role in life.  One of the reasons I haven't been posting much is that I have been caring for grandma.  When she first left the hospital my mum looked after her for 8 days.  After that, grandma came home and so began my new responsibilities.  Grandma needed quite a lot of care including assistance with walking, writing, taking her pills, caring for her sutures, making meals, cleaning her space, driving to and from appointments, bathing, coordinating long term care and so much more.  Last Saturday home support began coming to the house daily.  I have also been in charge of making OT appointments, doctors appointments, nurse appointments,  etc.  We have about 1-2 different "support people" coming to the house each day to help her regain her strength, work on cognition in addition to helping her make a meal, do laundry, bathe, and make her bed.
Long ago I agreed to look after my grandma (I even remember being about 13 and telling her she would live with me someday) but until that very moment of experiencing the "look after" part I had no idea what it would entail.  One of the hardest parts of the day is hearing her ask a question over and over again after I told her the information.  We are still hopeful that she is experiencing the side effects of the surgery.  Some days are harder than others.  I have filled out more paperwork and talked to more professionals than I have ever spoke to in such a short period of time.  I am grateful that there is so much support for the elderly.  I was very touched that Red Cross lends items to those in need (on a referral basis) so that you can become acquainted with the items and purchase them if they are needed for long term (bath seat, bed rails, walkers, wheelchairs and more!).  Mum was able to get a handicap parking pass for grandma so that when we drive her to and from her appointments she has a shorter distance to walk.  Her pain level is still quite high.  She is walking slowly but I praise God that she is able to walk at all especially given the prospect that she was going to lose her leg or both. I love her to bits and I am SO grateful to have another Christmas with her.

Grandma had an angioplasty done on her leg in 2006.  The valve stopped working in her artery due to plaque build up and caused her leg to lose the pulse and severe pain in her foot.  The plaque build it was due to her choice of foods and lifestyle.  Her cholesterol is high and of course her age also played a factor.  Grandma's lesson to us (she  said this) "Don't wait until your sick to get healthy! Be healthy so you don't get sick."

If I can encourage you to learn anything from this it is that today is your NOW.  You have the choice to make changes in your lifestyle.  What we do TODAY has an effect on TOMORROW.  Plan ahead and enjoy the adventures that are planned for your life.  There is no age limit on this whether you are 6 or 90 you can make a difference in your health.

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite you, my special guest, to partake in my 2011 Lifestyle Challenge.  Starting in early January, I, along with a number of people (our numbers are going up daily...) are participating in a 9 day fast start cleanse.  Just so that you are aware, we all benefit from cleansing to rid the body of impurities.  By releasing impurities are bodies are more apt to accept optimal goodness and nutrition from healthy foods.  Using the Isagenix 9 day OR 30 day programs you are able to cleanse the entire body unlike other cleanse programs that target one or two areas. Want to know the best part?  Not only is enrollment free if you enroll before Dec 30 BUT you also get a free personal coach.   I am also going to host an invitation only facebook page where we can share our journey together.
 Please keep in mind Isagenix is not a diet (although a positive side effect is that you can lose weight).  Isagenix is a lifestyle.  It is a nutrition program with real food. As your coach I will walk you through each day and also talk to you by phone regularly. I will help you with meal ideas and help you with your health concerns.  We will create achievable goals both short term and long term. When you have questions you can either call me by phone OR e-mail me at your convenience.  Together we can work out a plan that works/fits for your lifestyle.  If you are a gym owner or in the health profession this would be a fabulous way to help support your clients on another level especially if they have goals for health and wellness. Ask me for more details.

On another note, I am also committing to the IsaBody Challenge.  Health and wellness is more than learning to eat right.  It is about committing to your self development and also exercise.  Those two areas are areas I need help with.  Did you know we spend more money on entertainment than we do for self development?  So again, please join me and we can support each other through this process.  I am SO excited about 2011.  I am ready to be my true authentic self.  I will continue to be transparent to the world.  I am ready to share and embrace change and continue to thrive despite the challenges put forth before me.    Remember what they say when they explain the airplane procedures "put on your mask before you put on someone else's"  Well the same holds true in life.  You can only effectively care for those around you if you care for you first.  It's a hard thing to do but let me stress it is an important thing to do.  You need to be healthy to look after others! Are you ready to create your own journey with me? Are you ready to put your health first? If so I would LOVE to hear from you.  Send me an e-mail with 2011 Lifestyle Challenge and include a good time to get a hold of you in the coming week(s).  The holiday season is quickly approaching and the 2011 Lifestyle Challenge is around the corner so let's get started sooner than later. Also if you are interested in joining the IsaBody Challenge as well let me know too as we need to enroll before next week :)  This invitation is open to new and those who currently use Isagenix products. Contact me HERE.

On that note, I wish you all a very happy holiday season.  And know I cherish each and every one of you.  I cleaned my stamp room yesterday with hopes that I could find some time to create something new real soon.


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Rae said...

Good morning! I was really feeling your post. I helped with the care of my father for a little over a year before he passed on, and it is not an easy thing to do. But we all do have challenges in life, and we do what we must. I wish you the best in the care of your Grandma, as well as wishing her the best. Your advice about starting today to improve your self through nutrition and exercise so that we can enjoy life's adventures is quite timely. Thank you for the inspiration, good luck and God bless.