Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update and 4 generations

Hey everyone!  For those of you who don't know, I have been down for the count for the past week as I had some fairly major oral surgery done including bone and skin grafting. This surgery has been a long time (11 years) coming and I am relieved that stage 1 is complete.

I was sore, bruised and swollen on day one and while things are definitely getting better I do find I am moving a little slower today.  Fortunately I have been sleeping well, keeping hydrated and eating well (thank goodness for Isagenix!!).  Last week I was busy getting things organized before the surgery as I knew I would not be feeling 100% this week.  For the next week I am limited to liquids and thereafter am limited to only soft things for 6 months.  I am sure some of my readers have gone through a similar process.  I would love to hear your suggestions for food.  We have a good blender and I am sure I will become a great puree-er! 

As I have not had much crafty time and much inkling to sit up for extended periods of time I thought perhaps sharing a story with you would be my way to reach out to everyone.

I wanted to start by recommending the following snippet from the Food Matters official trailer

Here is a link to the official site:  Food Matters

So why am I sharing this?  Because of the state of our health.  We are reaching epidemic numbers for illness and disease.  You know I was very sick last year, you know I have a child who has quite a few neurological issues, you know I have become passionate about health in the past few months.  I am calling on you to re-evaluate your own life.  Look at the state of your health and wellness.  Are you tired?  Are you sleeping?  Are you stressed?  Are you eating well?  If you are eating poorly what changes can you make?  Are you exercising? Are you living in a toxic environment?  What things are you doing for YOU daily?  And your kids?  Your spouse?  I am sharing this because I care.  Because I too was like you.  I was a busy person with little time for me and in the end I got sick.  The things we are seeing in our world: cancer, heart disease, obesity, increase in diabetes and neurological issues...these things are happening because we aren't paying attention.  I dare you to take a stand for your life.  You are so important!!

After the most recent reports about toxins on both Dr Oz show and also some of the new regulations in Canada regarding BPA we need to open our eyes and be mindful of our futures. I heard a startling fact the other day.  We will be the first generation burying our children in large numbers because our kids are getting sicker earlier.  More and more children already have terminal cancer at age 6.  Our girl's are hitting puberty as early as 7!  More and more children are obese and more children are diabetic than every before.  Why???  Because of our food and our environment!

I highly recommend you watch this short Are You Toxic video to see just how many toxins you are exposed to each day. Here is the Video

4 generations...

A few months ago I shared my Isagenix story.  I shared some of my goals including improved sleep, weight loss and more energy.  Then last month I shared my mum's story.  Well now I am here to share how Isagenix has affected 4 generations of my family.  I think it is especially important for you to understand that Isagenix is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle.  It is about health and wellness.  Isagenix is a food.  And to me it's a super food.  If you read the labels you quickly begin to understand that each of the items placed in the products has a specific purpose towards your wellness.  I can hardly say that about some of those pre-packaged labels I read that hide the real contents with a secondary name so you have no idea you are ingesting things like MSG.  Google it and you will see all the other ways MSG is labeled on your food.  Have you ever Googled Splenda?  Did you know Splenda is the trade name for sucralose, a synthetic compound stumbled upon in 1976 by scientists in Britain seeking a new pesticide formulation.  Mmm doesn't that seem appealing?

After years of working with naturopaths with my son I was honestly at a loss.  As you know he is borderline autistic has severe sensory processing, ADHD and so much more.  He has issues digesting lactose, is food sensitive to dyes, and can get physically repulsed by the texture, flavour, scent and the appearance of food.  As a result we have about 5 foods that he will eat.  One of my go to items has always been a blended drink.  Why?  I am sure many parents out there are smiling.  Because you can conceal other things in a "smoothie/shake" as long as it tastes good.  No matter how hard I tried I could never get greens into my boy!  He could recognize those flavours and textures from miles away.  I tried some of the greens from our health food store but the flavour was so strong that he refused it right away so imagine to my surprise when I mixed up an IsaLean shake for my son, added the Greens from Isagenix and he actually drank it!  Today I incorporate greens and IsaFruits into his daily regime in addition to a number of other products like SlimCakes and IsaLean bars.  Now here is the most amazing thing.  I tried this for a week, took him off for a week and tried it again because I could not believe the difference in him.  Not only did he get his colour back (has has been ashen grey recently) but he no longer complains of his digestive issues, he is sleeping better, he has more energy and he is WILLING to do his school work.  He is like a completely different kid.  I knew deep down (that motherly instinct) that Andrew has been vitamin and mineral deficient.  Like me, I think his body had a hard time getting the right kind of nutrients in his body. A couple of years ago his depression and anxiety decreased when we started giving him Omega 3s.  We found a particular brand called Children's DHA by Nordic Naturals (through a naturopath) and what a difference this started making in his life too--very few down days and way more positive days...less anxiety and the will to live!  You can imagine how heart breaking it is to hear your child express signs depression :(  I am very thankful for the number of kid friendly products Isagenix carries from birth to 18 years of age.

My 81 year old grandmother has also been taking daily shakes with greens, IsaFruits, and Ionix Supreme.  Her vitality has increased, she is happier, she is more energetic, her colour has returned and for the first time in months she is beginning to maintain weight and develop lean muscle mass rather than losing weight.  Mum and I were quite concerned for her health.  Even though she was eating meals with us she was still eating very few veggies and fruit and therefore she was not getting the right nutrients.  She also ate very little protein (she doesn't like to eat meat, she doesn't like tofu, she doesn't like most beans or lentils and she doesn't like peanut butter).  In fact, most of her protein comes from her daily egg salad sandwiches LOL :)  One of the greatest changes and the first indicator that her Isalean shakes were doing the right job is that her nails went from yellow and brittle to brighter, longer and stronger.  There are some interesting articles online that tell you about the links of your nails and your health. Nutrition plays an extremely important role in every function of our bodies, right down to the tips of our fingers and toes, literally. As well as signs of other possible disorders, nails can let us know how we add up when it comes to getting all of our required nutrients. So you can bet how happy I was to see her nails improve!

I have been working with a number of people whose goals have been to improve their health.  What I hope today is that you take a step in the right direction.  I understand if Isagenix is not that direction for you but I do know that I believe 110% in this company because they care.  Their product is superior from pesticide to herbicide free, to hormone free dairy product to BPA passing a number of tests including NO metal levels in their shakes.  These products stand up to a number of other products on the market.  What I know is that I have never felt better.  And best of all, I know that I am not the only one who feels this way!  There are many Isagenix testimonials out there including the ones in 4 generations of my family!

In the near future I plan to unveil a blog that will focus on health and wellness.  I am currently working with a blog designer to create what I hope is a place to learn and to share.

Hugs and health wishes to all!  If you have any questions about Isagenix or want more information please feel free to send me an e-mail with Isagenix in the title and I will gladly answer your questions.



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Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your Isagenix story. I have been using Isagenix since last June (a bit off and on). I lost 30lbs and then over this last summer went back to eating poorly. I gained back about half my weight an have decided to go back to "the program". In fact, I am fasting today. I feel fabulous when I am following the plan and whole heartedly concur with your endorsement. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Jackie/Oregon