Monday, September 13, 2010

Mum's Isagenix Story

This post is not stamp is a personal post.

Many of you have followed my journey of change through Isagenix.  Throughout that time I updated you on my husband's progress along with my mum's progress.  Today I have the pleasure of sharing my mum's story with you and what a transforming and moving journey too.

For as long as I can remember my mum has struggled with weight.  Through the ups and downs the lbs seemed to find a place in her life...she tried to replace them with new things, new activities, more exercise, healthy foods, the latest "diet" and yet nothing seemed to work, that is until Isagenix entered her life.  The struggles she faced on a daily basis took a toll on her well being.  She hide behind clothes, never let us take photos of her (and if we did she used to take them a get rid of them), she avoided places like the pool and beach, she suffered from low self-esteem and throughout much of this time she felt alone. I know some of you have been there before whether you had a little or a lot of weight to lose.  Weight gain is difficult to talk about.  In fact, we often avoid talking about it because it makes us feel worse.  If there is one lesson my mum has learned, and one she is sharing now is that talking about it can be liberating.  Sure it is scary.  Sure you leave yourself vulnerable but you know...talking about weight is how I am helping her share her story. 

On June 3rd mum weighed in at 199.6lbs and 393 3/4 inches. FYI, inches are measured around neck, arms, chest, diaphragm, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and knees.

Mum started her first day by posting some key things on her fridge including her motivational photos (what she wanted to leave behind) and and goals (what she wanted to see in the future). This was her accountability!  You see, you have to be ready to commit to this with your 100%.  You are the one that can determine how far you go to meet your goals. By sharing them or keeping them visible you are reminding yourself what you truly want.  We all have goals in life so what better way than to speak them into existence!

There were several things I admired about mum's commitment.  The first is that she also kept a food/mood diary for each day of her 30 day cleanse.  It became a quick reference tool and also provided insight about the patterns and habits she had created in her life.  Inspired by my mum, and while I wasn't as diligent, I did start keeping a few notes and those notes helped me understand my snacking, moods and my dependency of certain foods too.  By knowing what you eat, why you eat, your moods and your dependencies you can keep achieve your goals more readily not to mention understand the inner workings of your body.  Second, mum created an exercise schedule.  She started small because honestly even adding 5 or 10 minutes into a non existent exercise routine can have a huge return.  She began with some walking.  She added a few minutes of stationary bike time.  Then she joined a ladies aqua fit class.  Slowly but surely she added more and more time for "her". 

First photo.... just shy of 200lbs.  This was the "fridge photo" she referred to for inspiration...

This past April my brother moved to his first house.  Shortly after he arrived my mum flew in for a quick visit.  During that visit she enjoyed spending time with my brother and his fiancee (at the time...they are now married).  My brother took many photos during their visit and little did he know this one would be the one that triggered change!

July 10, 2010.  This photo was taken at my son's birthday party.  We both had lots to celebrate that day.  It was the last day of my 30 day cleanse and mum was 1 week into her second thirty day cleanse.  She weighed 175lbs.

August 7th 2010.  This photo was taken at my brother's wedding.  Mum was 15lbs down from the photo above and now 160lbs.

I had the pleasure of attending an Isagenix event with my beautiful momma on September 9th, 2010!!  She looks amazing in person.  This photo just doesn't do her justice.  She is proudly sporting 147lbs and is down to 320 inches.

Mum's total loss to date is 52.6 lbs and 73.75 inches!!!--Mum you make me so proud!!  You look amazing and I love you.

When I asked mum about her story she shared this:

"The insecurity and need to be loved, to be accepted left somewhere along the Isagenix journey from 200 pounds to 147 pounds. A new found happiness is not the only fundamental change.  I finally look and feel like a woman who is comfortable in her skin. 
I am fulfilling a lifelong dream discovering that I am beautiful from the outside in and from the inside out."
Mum's journey is not over yet.  She has set a new goal of 140lbs and that will be followed by 135lbs at the end of November.  You see, the weight didn't arrive over night and mum has paced herself to reach attainable goals in increments.  You can better believe that once she reaches 135lbs I will be posting again. Also if you haven't read many Isagenix success stories I highly recommend you do!

We all have a story in life.  We all have a voice. Take charge...  Let's face it, our culture has created an expectation, a standard that we feel we have to live up to.  I am certainly not advocating that everyone has to lose weight to feel better however I am here to say your health and wellness should be one of your priorities in life.  You have one life to live and it is right now, right here! Treasure the gift you have been given and look after yourself.  You are extremely important!!!!!  Don't wait until tomorrow because it might be too late.  Have you looked at the statistics for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes etc?  We are facing epidemic rates. You can make a difference and you can increase your odds of living, people do it every day! Have you struggled with weight? Have you struggled with health problems? Are you ready for something new and liberating?

Isagenix offers programs and products for people of all ages from birth to old age.  There are products to help increase lean muscle mass, detox, decrease stress, boost immunity, increase greens and fruit intake, improve complexion, increase mineral and vitamin levels and more.

We would love to help you reclaim your life. We take this very seriously and commit 100% help along the way.  You are never alone through this process.

If you want more information about programs or product feel free to contact me (or my mum) and we will be happy to help you.  Make sure to include Isagenix in the title and tell us what goals you are hoping to meet.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Alli and Janice (Alli's mum)


Diane Jaquay said...

I wish I could give your mum a great big hug, I am SO PROUD of her!!! Her story could be my story, I identify with her life long struggles so keenly. Thanks for such an inspiring post Alli!

Claire Brennan said...

Alli, your mum looks fantastic!!! ps, so when are you starting your Isagenix outreach program in Ireland ;)

sarahw said...

Your post definitely resonates with me. It is so hard to feel good about yourself when you are not comfortable in your own skin. Kudos to you and your Mum on your amazing achievements.

Sandy Kay said...

Loved reading this post! I went from 178 to 148 in about 8 months. I have about 13 more lbs to lose - 135 is also my goal weight! I didn't do Isagenix - just cut back my portions! I want to add some exercise to the mix to finish to my goal.

Whimsey said...

CONGRATS to your mom; she looks AMAZING!!!

kristi said...

This post makes me so happy! You're both amazing. I feel so blessed and honoured to be part of your journey. That photo from September 9th is fantastic but doesn't totally capture how incredible Janice looked in person. I literally didn't recognize her when I walked by. I had to "process" for a moment before I went back for a hug! It's not just the weight's the healthy glow, the radiant smile and the confidence. My Mission is to Create Healthy Happy People and both of you are shining examples of my Mission. I'm so thrilled that you are meeting and exceeding your goals :-)

Ann said...

Janice you look fantastic! And Alli I love it that you are so proud of her you wanted to share her achievement with us all.

randi said...

Jan mf I know it's been along journey and we only chatted on phone and fb but all I can say is you look mawvelllous darlink

Dana said...

This post made me cry. Big KUDOS to your mom Alli. I'm so proud of her, not to mention inspired and encouraged too. She is a darling!

Rustyhammer said...

An incredable achievement - well done, congratulations and keep going! Your mother has done soooo well. I struggle with my weight and though I've joined a gym and have been going for the last few years, I'm way fitter :), but not thinner :( A great post.