Monday, July 27, 2009

July Jiffy Challenge

Hello post is a little late but at least it's on the right day this month! As you know each month the Jiffy girls work with the same image and paper. Lori sent us the sweet Daisy image from Sugar Nellie while Michele sent us paper from the GORGEOUS Lemonade Collection from Basic Grey. The image of the girl and her jeans just screamed Julie Campbell to me and I HAD to incorporate some jean in my design. This is the first time too!

Stamp Set(s): Daisy by Sugar Nellie, sentiment from Mixed Messages by PTI
Cardstock:Vintage Vanilla by PTI
Patterned Paper: Lemonade Collection by Basic Grey
Ink: Dark Chocolate by PTI
Accents: Ribbon by Melissa Frances, Button by PTI, jean
Tools: Copic Markers

Make sure to check out the other designs
and Kim will be back with us again next month after her move.

We are currently going through day 2 of a 7 day heat is SOOOOOOOOO hot. On another note our yard work is nearing the end of stage two. The rock walls are built and now we get to finish them--power wash the rocks, fill in the gaps with smaller rocks, a few tweaks here and there etc..and eventually place some plants in and amongst the rocks. We have yet to plan the delivery day for the topsoil. Now the only question is do we: plant our own seed, hydro seed or use sod? If you have good or bad experiences with any please share. We have to wait a while before we make the decision as the summer heat will likely kill the grass and of course demand a lot of water (we are on water restriction).

Hope you are having a terrific day.



Julie Campbell said...

LOL! I just gasped when I saw your denim! :) I LOVE it!!!!

Jennifer said...

Well I love the card and the use of denim,great! How did you get it to look frayed?
As for the grass, I was told that if you can have patience that seed is best as the grass will deveolpe a deeper root system fast and you will have a yard that can handle heat, pests, and cold better. :)

Merry said...

What a great use of denim on your card. I also think this is a wonderful challenge. Really enjoyed seeing how the other ladies created their cards with the same image and papers.

Tenia Nelson said...

Gorgeous card!!!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

LOVE the touch of denim, Alli! Very 'Julie' -- LOL! And I have one word for you: SOD!!!

Kathleen said...

Love your card----on the grass thing---I'll just tell you my experience---we have used both sod and seed. The area of the yard that we used sod on is by far the thickest and lushest (is that a word?) grass on our property----I'm just saying....

Michele Boyer said...

Oh, I LOVE the lace and denim, Alli!!! Totally adorable! I'm glad you had time to play! Good luck with all that work! Whew! (I, personally, would go for the sod...instant gratification. lol)

Anita C said...

Love it!! This is just gorgeous, and I love the denim touch :)

Anne-Marie Tribbett said...

Very very sweet card! Love the piece of denim and the lace really sets off the image. As far as the grass goes we grow turf, seed, and do hydroseeding. The turf is instant gratification and since it is already established which will keep the weed seeds in the soil from coming through. With seeding the weeds come up as well as the grass. Hydroseeding has a thick mulch with it so will let in less weeds but more will still come through than with the turf. You do pay more for the instant gratification though. Good luck with whatever choice you make! We are in Oregon but do purchase from Bos sod in Canada and they are great. Don't know if they are close to you or not. Have an awesome evening! We are veeery hot here in Oregon as well.

Alli Miles said...

The "fray" on the jean is actually from the bottom of my jeans. I am that in between med and tall jean size and I can never find jeans that fit me just perfectly so some times I order the tall jeans and the bottom frays as I walk LOL. Thanks to everyone who gave me fab tips for the grass. We haven't made any final decisions yet but the advice has been great.

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