Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Mailbox Greeting Sneak Peaks!

I couldn't resist sharing more card and ideas with you! I have a fact I will be sharing a few more of those ideas as the month goes on.

I sure hope you join the forums tonight. If you haven't been to a release party let me warn you they go by quickly. It can be intimidating in the forums but we would be glad to talk to you. Post away! If all you do is follow along then that is ok too. I normally try and get a word in here and there but even I have trouble keeping up (we all just like to talk!).

Questions and Answers
  1. This is a great set, love your images! Are you professionally trained designer?

*** I’m not a professionally trained designer…I am self taught as of last year *lol*

  1. How about a "Happy Mail Day!" sentiment for the outside of the envelope?

*** That sounds like a good idea. It’s not included in this set but that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for the future.

  1. Cute envelopes!!! What font is Spring?

***Honey Script

  1. I am luv-ing the grass stamp! I might just wear out that adorable little stamp! How long does it take you to create a card like this...from start to finish? Thank you for your inspiration.

*** Some cards can seriously be started and finished in 15 minutes—those are the ones I call quick cards. However, MOST of my cards take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours+.

  1. Wonderful, wonderful card. This will be such a welcome stamp set; everyone loves to receive mail! I've been looking for a sentiment of "new address" since I just moved. Is that included in this set? Your card (and Pine's tutorial) remind me that I need to give paints a try with my stamps!

***That is not included in this set, but again a VERY good idea for an add on set.

  1. Do we get some grass and flowers to go around the mail box post (spring) leaves (fall), snow (winter), not sure what summer would be?

***Great guess Verda!!! Yes!!!

  1. I am wondering if the other ground covers (for under the mailboxes) will coincide with the other seasons? Fall leaves, snow, flowers?

***Another Fabulous guess. Yes they will Cindy.

  1. I am betting that the cute little envelope you showed the other day fits beautifully into Santa's hands, hmmm...?

***Lovin’ that idea.

  1. very cute card! Do the tiny snowflake stamps come with the set too? Those are adorable!!!

***Yes the snowflakes do come with the set.

  1. Are you planning on having a sentiment set that will go with this set for all the seasons and for all the situations that you can use this set with?


  1. What did you mean when you said this set coordinates with Believe? Do you mean those tiny images fit inside the mailboxes??

***Those images can be used below, beside, around the mailboxes. The present can be placed like it is falling out of the mailbox, the holly can be placed on the side of the mailbox, and the wreath can hang off the post.

  1. Those mailboxes are so cute and you are so talented. How do they coordinate with Believe set?

***see above

  1. Have you always wanted to design stamps? How did you decide to do this as a job?

***What a great question and one I will take the time to explain in more detail. I started stamping in 2004 and really just thought of it as a hobby and a way to make a little money (I was a SU! demo). I actually had a lot of success in my early demo days and was LOVING that I was getting paid to do something I loved so much. Being a demo gave me an outlet to use my teaching skills and have fun crafting. At the time had I thought of designing stamps? No way! I would not have approached that subject at all. As the years went on and I had more opportunities in the industry I noticed a shift in my thoughts. I LOVED this so much that I wanted to make it more permanent. I decided to start blogging and working on regular uploads (to various galleries) to put my name out there. I also submitted my card designs to various contests and publications. Once I started seeing people on design teams I knew that was my next goal. I have LOVED PTI since the get go. I loved the style of the stamps, the professional manner in which Nichole presented everything right down to the tissue and the card in the box. Just about all my cards which used to be heavily SU! turned into PTI. When the opportunity came about to make my own line how could I say no? I knew it would be a long shot because I had never done that before, not to mention I had NO idea how to use Illustrator and Photoshop but with Nichole behind me every step of the way I had all the confidence I needed to devour the challenge. I am so very grateful for all the opportunities I have had and all the people I have gotten to know in this industry. I count my blessings every day.

  1. Oh, the possibilities that you have conjured up in my brain with these iron ons. It sounds like I would need to use either copics or sharpies tho--not the SU markers. Is that correct? I would love to try this technique but don't have copics. Thanks for another winner Alli.

***I will do some testing for you. I have SU markers and will see. I think you could probably use a variety of other tools, these are just the ones I tried. Check back for a post about these in a few days.

  1. Whoah, you're saying hybrid ink and copics will work with iron transfer?!
    I am stunned LOL! How wash-proof is this?

***They did indeed!!! How wash proof is a good question. I have some things in the wash now and will report later J

  1. Like some others here, I am BLOWN AWAY by the idea that you can use iron-on, rather than try to stamp/colour right on the fabric (which is a one-shot deal if it messes up). Please, please tell us more about this! What kinds of inks & colouring tools will this work with?
    Just SO impressed with all your PTI designing. I've bought all your sets! I was already quite "into" PTI, but now your work is what I look for first each month!

***Let me say first off that this is about the NICEST e-mail/post I have ever had from someone before. Thank you SO much Carol. You really made my day. I even shared this post with Nichole. As I mentioned above, I am doing some testing with inks etc and will let you know the results. I am SO with you on the one shot deal thing. I have messed up SO many projects before.

Are you ready for the seasons? Let's start with spring shall we? That flower is an "independent flower" for your stamping convenience.

As you can see, I added some glossy accents to the puddle.

Happy Summer. There is a group of flowers for quick stamping. As you can see from the card I just brushed the Berry Sorbet ink pad on the top of the stamp and Spring Moss on the bottom. Makes for quick stamping!

Happy Autumn. Add to your leaf collection with this leaf assortment. You'll also find some single leaves in the set too! That will allow you the freedom to have "falling" leaves around your mailbox.

Warm Winter Wishes. I created one mailbox in the row that could be easily stamped by itself. I used a SU! black marker to highlight the area I wanted to stamp and then stamped it. You could also use the masking technique. This card also showcases how you can use the presents from "Believe" to decorate your card (Please note: the boxes were coloured with Spica pens. They look fabulous in person but that is not captured by this photo...instead it looks like I had my kids colour them *lol*. Did you notice I masked the mailbox and stamped my envelope so that it would "peak out". Of the possibilities!

I decided to have a little fun with this set and I used the circle from the Borders and Corners set to enhance my little envelope and sentiment. How fun and simple is this? a 3 minute card! Oh and yes that little red flag also comes as a single stamp.

Finally, I put all my cards together and packaged them up for a gift. You can see that I also created a belly band as a finishing touch. The circle is from Borders and Corners and the group of stars and sentiment are from Mailbox Greetings.

Here is the final gift bag ensemble that is going to the mail lady. I sure hope she likes it!

Have a wonderful rest of the afternoon and see you in the forums!

P.S. If I missed your question please let me know. I went through all the posts again but may have missed one or two. I am always happy to answer your questions.


Handfullofstamps said...

Love your cards that you made with this set. I think this has become a must have set for me! Thanks for the wonderful work!!!

Cheryl said...

Can't wait until this set is in my hot little hands. What a winner you have created. Your talent just doesn't end. You outdo yourself every month. Great peaks.

Cynthia said...

Man I wish I was your post lady. Can't until tonight Cynthia

ScrapbookDBA said...

Ali -
What an adorable set!!!! I love how everything coordinates so well! At the Happy each season sentiments can coordinate with other PTI sets ...

Can't wait to get it!


June said...

Wow Alli, this set looks amazing, the more I see of it the more I love it. The little flower border, the autumn leaves and little snowflakes are wonderful, its a sure fire winner. I love your designs.

Christina Fischer said...

I love this set, Alli! And I love all your fabulous ideas! Oh, to be your mail lady...

Terri E. said...

Hi Alli,

I loved the set. I was curious about this question that you answered.

Does this set have an image of a house? No Also, does this set have postmark squiggles? Yes

Where are the postmark squiggles?

I was looking for that stamp to do a postcard type card for an invitation. Am I missing something?

Terri E.

Sally said...

Most of my blog comments are short an sweet, but I really feel the need to be a little more elaborate this time. I am so impressed by you and your accomplishments. I would love to achieve what you have accomplished and really appreciate you sharing your path.
I am inspired by you and PTI everytime I see the products and creations. I wish you continued success.

Skye said...

I just wanted to say thank you! Not only did I get up early to order the new Mailbox Greetings set, but when I checked the mail today, the Wedding Day set I won from you came in! What a great day!
My husband is a mail carrier, so this new set is going to be great for making thank you notes for the gifts he gets at Christmas time, and for other occasions!

Sharron Gregory said...

I am so impressed with this new set--which, by the way, I ordered this morning! It will be so versatile and fun to use. Can't wait to have it delivered. I wasn't able to order the Believe set yet but I will. What is really fun is that there is a possibility of a companion set also--maybe something that includes a little bird, a nest that would fit inside on of the mailboxes, a little bunny for spring, a little USA flag for the 4th, pumpkins for fall. Anyway, I love it as it is but couldn't help thinking of other ideas too. I love your design work and have already been able to order almost all-just one more to get! I am so hooked on PTI and am so glad to have started designing for them. Keep up the great work!!

cadnileb said...

I don't think I've said this yet but if I did, it doesn't hurt to hear it twice right? I love the flower, leaf, grass, and versatile snow/puddle bases you added to the set! Super cute! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, your continued generosity and also for tracking down answers to our questions! It's much appreciated!!! :-D I'm definitely eager to hear the results of some of the iron-on questions.

Thanks again for everything!

Marlou said...

absolutely amazing cards Alli :) wonderful work x

Anonymous said...

I love this set. It's the one I bought this month. I want to know if you think the puddle/snow image would be a decent cloud image? In North Texas, we have lots of rain, so it's appropriate. For some reason I identify with your sets and I always dual purpose at least one of your images. I hope that doesn't annoy...
Thanks for your comment on my blog. It made me hopeful about my talent... :-)

Carol W said...

Gosh, you made MY day with your warm words of thanks about my little comment. I'm so happy to see that your artistic efforts are getting the exposure and enthusiastic reception they deserve!
(And way to go, as a fellow Canadian! By the way, that also means I completely understand your postal pain!! ;-))