Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mailbox Greetings (1)

Today's project is based on the KISS philosophy! Not only that but QUICK! How many of you had iron on transfers when you were a kid??? I absolutely LOVE iron on transfers.
Since my set is about the post I figured it would be appropriate to create a gift for my mail carrier. I actually don't have house delivery (I have to go into the post office to get my mail) but nonetheless the lady behind the counter is as good as my mail lady! I happen to know she likes stamps so I figured a stamped bag would be perfect, especially one filled with stamped cards, a stamp set, and inspiration (a PC Magazine).

Step 1:
I stamped my mailbox image and grass on the transfer sheet using Noir Black Palette ink. *If you have never seen a transfer sheet, it just looks like a 8.5x11 white sheet of paper but it is porous.

Step 2:
Next I coloured my image using my Copics but worked with them to achieve a watercoloured look. You could use sharpies too.
I cut out the image as closely as possible. The "experts" recommend you leave a 1/4 inch around your image to prevent the bleeding of the colours--you can see I tempted fate here!!!

Step 3:
After the image is cut I placed it on my cotton bag (which I purchased at Michael's for $1.50--of course you could also make one like Nichole did last month).

I flipped the image face down to iron it. I ironed over each area for approximately 15-20 seconds, pressing firmly.

Step 4:
Finally, I slowly removed the backing.

Here is the finished look...

Here is a close up...

I also created a quick transfer for my daughter using one of the circles from Borders and Corners in addition to several images from Mailbox Greetings. Note: I did NOT include the sentiment on my transfer sheet (had I done so the words would have been backwards). Instead I transfered the image and then stamped over top. That red spot beside the envelope is not on the shirt IRL.


paper: Iron transfer sheet
ink: Noir Black Palette

stamps: Mailbox Greetings (Urban Design) by PTI
accessories: Cotton Bag

Iron, Copic Markers: C-1, T-5, YG17, R27, E27, E55

I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about your questions. I am actually still answering them but also created some "seasonal" cards (as I mentioned above) that I thought I would reveal with the questions/answers later today.

Speaking of that...thank you to ALL who left me comments. The Random Integer Generator choose number 239

Congrats to 2stampis2b (Michelle Tech) who said

Very cute! BTW, we just had snow this last Saturday, so I have mixed feelings about the snowflakes on the card! ;-)

Michelle, please send me your snail mail so that I can send a stamp set out to you!


Cheryl said...

Oh, the possibilities that you have conjured up in my brain with these iron ons. It sounds like I would need to use either copics or sharpies tho--not the SU markers. Is that correct? I would love to try this technique but don't have copics. Thanks for another winner Alli.

cadnileb said...

Oh cute! :-) Love the iron on idea!

Ruth Shanahan Allmart said...

What an adorable project Alli. You are very thoughtful. Congrats Michelle on winning the set.

Etha said...

Whoah, you're saying hybrid ink and copics will work with iron transfer?!
I am stunned LOL! How wash-proof is this?

Dawn Easton said...

Alli that is super cute! Your mail lady is going to love it! I have never tried this technique before but it's awesome! thanks once again for some fabulous inspiration!!

Stefanie said...

What a beautiful bag! Your mail carrier is going to love it! I guess there's yet another reason to invest in some copic markers. I love how vibrant the colors came out with the transfer. So much better than if you stamped with pigment inks.

Shelly Kettell said...

So cute!!! and so thoughtful!!! But of course you have been stalking her! :)
Love the many uses! Can't wait to see it all!

Charmaine said...

Great idea on the iron it.


Carol W said...

Like some others here, I am BLOWN AWAY by the idea that you can use iron-on, rather than try to stamp/colour right on the fabric (which is a one-shot deal if it messes up). Please, please tell us more about this! What kinds of inks & colouring tools will this work with?
Just SO impressed with all your PTI designing. I've bought all your sets! I was already quite "into" PTI, but now your work is what I look for first each month!

Amy said...

Wow! Great technique--Thanks for sharing. Amy

Shari said...

Very cute! I can't wait to see the whole set, I love all your mailbox creations!

Mary said...

Congrats to Michelle! I really love how your tote bag turned out. I've never used iron-ons, but this is such a cute (and affordable) idea maybe I'll try it!

Niki Estes said...

This is so cute, Alli! I think I'm going to have to find those iron ons I used at Christmas.

Granna said...

Wow! What fun! I really had never thought of the transfer sheets. Wonderful for gifts. Your gift for the "mail lady" was so thoughtful and so appropriate. Love the versatility of your set.

deb said...

What a thoughtful gift! Love the transfer idea - never even thought about it, but now... I've got all sorts of ideas floating in my head! Can't wait to purchase your set!

Carolyn King said...

what a fantastic idea alli! I love what you did with your new set and I am sure the lady at the po will be thrilled to get it!

peanutbee said...

Wow, what an awesome idea!!! I never would have thought of the iron-on transfer idea....awesome!

Julia Aston said...

Isn't this the sweetest bag! excellent idea!!

maria fiscella said...

Hi Alli - you make me want to run out and get a stack of bags and transfer paper. Thanks for the inspiration!