Saturday, July 21, 2007

Do you know how it feels...

to be nominated for this award 3 times! Thanks StampOwl (can you say WOW?!) Tara (have you seen her stuff???? she is super fun!) Sherrie (one of my all time fav gals!!! and an up and rising star!)
I must tell you how much I appreciate people leaving comments, having me answer blog questions, and play tag online! Sometimes I wonder how people have the time to do all those things because I can't seem to find enough time *lol*...can anyone out there make days 36 hours long??? Because if you can I would LOVE those extra 12 hours *snicker*. Each day I set aside an hour to e-mail people, comment on blogs and browse. I also set aside 30 minutes to do uploads to my blog...and hour to do cards...well you see where the time goes....
So please know I am not ignoring you when you nominate me or ask me to send things to other just means I haven't set aside the time in the day to do it *lol* just means Alli needs more flexibility built in the day!!!!!

My nominations are:

Nichole Heady
Does this need explanation? This is one ROCKIN' girl in my books. Oh and if you want to see organization and the most BEAUTIFUL stamp room EVER make sure you visit her blog ASAP!

Kendra Giles
I love her innovative ideas and sassy designs!

Toni is a hidden gem. She is super talented so I had to nominate her.

I await every post on Leigh's site...she is an ubber-talented kinda gal!

Sarah Vrolyk
I love Sarah's eye for design and her simplicity!

Because I love to stamp and you do too!


Wife2TJ said...

Congrat's and great nominations! I admit I did try to nominate those who hadn't been nominated yet. it was so hard b/c there are so many rockin' blogs I LOVE that have already been nominated. I wish I could have nominated more! lol!

Robin Stewart said...

Sorry to do this to you

"You'e been tagged! Please:- post 7 random things about yourself- tag 7 other bloggers to do the same- Post the "TAGGED" rules here and on the blogs of those I tag- And leave the Tagged bloggers a note/comment so they know they have been tagged."