Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some chatter...

It's hard to believe this is post 195 since mid January. Where does the time go? Speaking of time, I need to finish answering the last five questions you asked me during my last blog candy giveaway (yes that was the beginning of May).

Alli vs the Questions...the final call

1. What is your fav technique for card making? Thanks for all your inspiration!

I LOVE shaving cream technique for backgrounds and then stamping a large background stamp over top of that.

2. Great question is when you learn a new technique,do you make lots of projects with that technique or you mix your projects.

I tend to get “stuck” on something for a while but I wouldn’t say I try a new technique every day. I am always open to trying new things. Generally speaking I do more mixing!

3. Love the inspiration you provide! Do you ever completely toss a card that hasn't turned out well? I have a hard time doing this and wonder how other stampers handle it.

Oh I tossem’! I know what you are saying though. Sometimes a card that looks terrible late at night (when you are tired of creating) looks great in the morning. I just keep them on the top of the trash JUST IN CASE *wink*. No seriously, if a card is just not working for me, I leave it on the side of my table and go back to it either the same day or a few days later. If after spending a week on my desk I do not like it, it goes in the trash.

4. Hi! I love your work!! My questions is what is your most favorite project or cards that you have ever made? Can you show it if it is not already here!

My fav all time card to date was made with Green Thumb by Papertrey Ink. I absolutely LOVE my strawberries. You can find the link here.

5. Hi, love your blog. My question is: Do you ever sit down and make something but you just can't get it right? If so, what do you do. This happened to me the other night, I tried two different cards with two different sets, but finally gave up. Now, I don't even want to go back and try to fix them

Read answer to question 3.

You may notice a blog hiatus for a few days. I am wrapping up the year with my students and want to concentrate on completing the hours of work ahead of me so that I can officially call the end of this month SUMMER VACATION! I have some cards and close up pics of my squash book to show you so stay tuned for those items some time next week. And fear, I will be back soon. Maybe sooner than I think LOL...this blog thing is hard to resist *wink*

Because I love to stamp and you do too!

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