Friday, March 23, 2007

It's BLOG CANDY time!!

Wow, I can't believe the visits today!!!! Thank you all for your support. Some very exciting things are happening in my life right now and I am anxious to share them with you in the next few weeks. But first...THE BLOG CANDY...

I told you in a post below that I am calling this giveaway Lavishly Embellished! Why you ask??? Oh because everything I am giving you is either an embellishment or something that can be embellished! You can enter now by answering two questions (any new feedblitz subscriptions gets you an additional entry--those already subscribed get a bonus entry too)

1) What new techniques/projects do you really want to learn but have put off learning?
2) What projects do you use your scoring blade for besides the obvious line down the centre of your card? A general description would be great.

Your Lavishly Embellished goods include some of the following goodies: Hodgepodge Hardware, Buttons, Spool Ribbon (mmmm), Chipboard, Chipboard Coasters, Metal Tins, Primas, 2-Way Glue, Glitter Beads, Vellum Tags, Cuttlebugged papers, Scalloped Square Giga Punch Outs and a few other goodies too.

Oh fun fun!!!! I love giving things to others. It sure pays back when you see them smiling. I will keep this blog candy open until Friday so make sure you scroll down in the next few days to see the new posts as this one will remain at the top! The Blog candy winner will be revealed on my Saturday morning post.

Happy stamping.

Because I love to stamp and you do too!


Allison said...

Thanks Alli (who spells it right...ha!) for the that I have the link I will post it ASAP!

1) New technique for me (but not anyone else)...embossing. I don't even own a heat gun yet! My M.O. is to try and perfect the basics and move on to this one next (one of my friends sent me an embossed Christmas card and I would like to be able to do this for my cards this year!).

2) Scoring blade? None...I saw a grid idea I could try today but just trying to keep on top of the SCS challenges lately!

Y said...

1. A new technique for me is embossing as well. Used it once in a card class and made a complete mess!!!

Crystal effects is another one too. Again tried once a while ago, and didnt' quite work for me!

2. Hmm...don't think I even have a scoring blade!


inkyfingers said...

Well, I have trouble with Alcohol inks, so I could stand to learn that.
As for scoring- I rarely score(I know, I'm bad- it looks better scored!) but I find if I score, the card is always uneven. So I just fold!

Angel Wilde said...

1. Hmmm... new technique? I have been trying a few here and there lately. My things to try list includes mostly 3-D projects like artwork, but also using more chipboard that I have been collecting.
2. I never used to score my cards, but now I do. After a little practice it does get easier. And it looks so much better. I'll be curious to see what others use theirs for.
Great Blog!

doverdi said...

1. A new technique for me...that's an easy one as most of them are still new to me. I am so lacking in the supplies area that every time I find a technique I want to try, I don't have the products. I'd love to try some techniques with re-inkers but believe it or not, I don't own even 1 yet.

2. Scoring blade? That's an easy one! I don't even have one of these yet although it is on my want list.

Nancy said...

1. Technique... hmmmmm, I've tried pretty much everything I want to try right now I think. I'm lucky that way!

2. I don't use my scoring blade for much... not even to score a card in half. I mostly use it if I'm doing cards with strange folds to ensure I get the measurements right!

tamimoreno said...

Thanks Alli for the contest! New to your blog (Thanks Allison) - it'll be fun to check out!
1) New technique - I've never done watercoloring before - it looks so cool, but I have no clue how to do it.
2) Scoring blade - I've never used it for anything but the fold - I'm curious to see what ideas people have!!
Thanks for the contest!

Bonnie Weiss said...

Thanks for the candy offer, Alli.

1) New Technique I would like to try would be an altered lunch box or tin.

2) Scoring blade - I use it to make score lines on projects like boxes, where accuracy is essential for the project to fold properly.

scfranson said...

I'd like to learn more about very differently sized cards, how do you cut them, find envelopes, etc.
As far as the scoring blade, I don't use one, I use a stylis.
Claudia F.

Cathy said...

Great candy offer Alli!

tech? Honestly, I LOVE the look of kissing, but have never actually done it! I've purchased stamps specifically for kissing, but I'm a little weanie!

blade? I'm really looking forward to reading what everyone else says because the ONLY think I use it for is scoring cards! :)

Anonymous said...

1. New Techniques, hummmm? I think I am a good in the technique department - I need to "perfect" the ones I already know before I try and take on any more - but there are still SO MANY more I want to try - so, surprise me!

2. As for my scoring blade...well I don't have one - BUT, I ALWAYS use my bone folder for my card center folds AND if I am doing a 3D card stock project, ie) waterfall cards and "exploding" boxes.
Can't wait for a picture of the delicious blog candy!


Alex said...

Oh this sounds yummy

1. New technique/project will have to be the diorama cards that I keep seeing but haven't tried yet

2. I have to admit to only using my scoring tool for the middle of cards or the cute little tri fold that Beate gave us instructions for!!! bad I know

Julie said...

Hey great blog candy! I guess for me the technique I'll be learning is Cuttlebuggin' - I just bought one today and haven't even cracked it open yet.

Scoring blade, I pretty much use for lines - down the middle of the new tab punch (b/c I'm a freak about straight folds!) but not much else!

Leah said...

1) I LOVE the triangle fold cards Beate displayed on her blog (among billions of other ideas.. he he)
2) I haven't even thought of using it for anything else! but I would love to see what other say :)

Adelina said...


1. New technique: I'd have to say I've never altered an item before. I'm scared!

2. I use my scoring blade's flat side for rub ons. I like it better than the posicle stick that comes with some of them.

L8ybug2 said...

I think I would like to try the Cracked Glass technique sometime. It looks very interesting. I do have a scoring blade but never use it. I guess that doesn't make me all bad since I see that nobody else uses theirs either. Sorry I don't have any new ideas for you.

Renée said...

1)New Technique: Well, I'm really trying to learn how to watercolour with the proper shading ... not so easy.

2) Scoring blade uses? Well, other than the normal one, can't really think of any other uses, other than for perfectly scored circles, tabs, venetian blind like folds...

sarahjane said...

1) I would love to try the prismacolour pencils and gamsol -- need to go out get all the supplies -- I have only seen it on the internet

2) I use my scoring blade to make creases on cards that have oddly place creases - like on popup cards. I have been using it a lot lately

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and the candy sounds delish!!

1. I want to learn how to do the cracked glass look. I also want to make some altered frames - SCS has inspired me.

2. I use my scoring blade to make post-it covers. Score the heavy card stock to make a spine, glue in the post-it notes, glue on ribbon to tie shut and add a stamped image. Makes a great teacher gift!!

Thanks! Bettina

Carol Lavrich said...

Great contest!
1) Technique to learn: I've been ignoring what I could be doing with colored pencils. I'd like some tutorials there! You can get some wonderful effects with them.
2) I just got a Scor-It. I'd love to see more techniques that I could use it for. The only one that I've seen is the grid idea, mentioned in a previous post.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the candy!

1) What new techniques/projects do you really want to learn but have put off learning? Gemasol Color Pencils, it looks so nice, but I haven't been able to find the gemasol...

2) What projects do you use your scoring blade for besides the obvious line down the centre of your card? A general description would be great. Scoring blade? Not for much really, I've made a few paper purses and used it for that, but otherwise it doesn't get used.

Linda Yamakido said...

I would love to see the instructions
for using the ironed off parts of the batik tech,,, I need to "see" how it is done :) can you come to my house?? Linda ,who loves candy, in sunny southern california.

Regina said...

Thanks for the great blog candy offer. The new technique that I'd like to learn (and master) would be the use of Prismacolor Pencils with Gamsol. I've bought the pencils, but haven't touched them. Those darn pencils intimidate me. As far as the scoring blade goes, I only use it to score the folds in my cards.

tyrymom29 said...

1. New technique for me as to be ALcohol Inks ...Id love to get it right.
2.SCoring blade ...I dont have one yet ...SOrry im not much help!!

Peggy said...

Congrats on your new name!

A new technique would be faux ___ (wood, embossing, stone, etc). I have seen lots of these on SCS, but I haven't tried them yet! A big reason is I'm always missing that one tool!

I have used the scoring blade to make candy sliders and post it note holders. You could make your own envelopes too - but I haven't tried that yet...

ladydiana said...

I would like to venture into the world of ATCs. I like the idea of miniature art.

Ah scoring, my favourite pastime. I dislike the scoring blade as it is too easy to cut the paper. I use to use the groove on my Fiskar's cutter but often ended up with slightly crooked cards. Now I have the new scoring tablet Scor-Pal which I designed.It will soon be on the market and to say the least I am very excited. Even more exciting is the fact Allison along with Beate and Tracy are going to be guest designers on the Scor-Pal web site. It is going to be awesome!!!

Lynda said...

I have yet to venture into the Pearl Ex world. Love the look of it.
I use my scoring blade often for 3D projects. Works great for covering notebooks (to work around the binders).

Anonymous said...

1. A new technique--Well I just ordered watercolor crayons, so watercoloring, and pearlex.

2. I don't really use my scoring blade, last time was to do a star with doublesided paper.


Kathy said...

Technique - I would love to learn how to do the reverse shadow image - I have seen this done with trees and snowmen... I keep looking and wondering - how did they do that...

Scoring blade - I use it to add dimensional lines on card or image - it is a great way to frame out an image by placing 3 lines all the way around.

Anonymous said...

Hi, These are some great questions.
1. the new technique for me would have to be using H2Os.
2. I use my scoring blade to make a line around my card for definition. YOu can carefully make one line continuously all the way around, or make them go off the pages. It is a cute idea, I think anyhow. Denise Bennett

Jackie said...

Well, I have not had good success with chalks, so that is something I could use a little more time with.

As for the scoring blade, I have a Scor-It and still just use it to score cards, either down the middle or for different folds. Nothing fancy, sorry.

Wife2TJ said...

1) What new techniques/projects do you really want to learn but have put off learning?

How to alter things. Lunch boxes, journals, etc. I see tons of these done beautifully but have yet to try it myself.

2) What projects do you use your scoring blade for besides the obvious line down the centre of your card? A general description would be great. I haven't used one yet. lol! I'll have to read others responses.

Joy said...

A new technique I would like to learn would be Pearl Ex powders. I don't use my scoring blade. I am a little nervous about the scoring thing....

dd2njoy said...

Alli,thanks for the candy!!
1)A new technique for me would be an accordion card.
2)I don't own a scoring blade either.

Cher said...

First, Great Blog!

1. New technique I still have not tried is stamping with bleach. I would love to see some cold projects done with it.

2. I score for a strait line but also score and then paper tear a strait line with the results of a rough edge.

Robin Stewart said...

1.I would like to do more with decorative items. Wall art, big letters etc. Stamping on items.
2. I ALWAYS use my scoring blade. I use it for cards as well as boxes, scrap-a-cards, accordion albums, pockets. Love the scoring blade.


foodpartyfun said...

1. I would love to learn more about doing an alter lunchbox. I have seen so many cute one out there, but haven't had the courage to do one myself. It seems a little overwhelming to me as to where to begin.

2. I have used my scoring blade to make lines on a card, usually towards the bottom to add a little more detail.

Thanks for sharing such awesome blog candy!


Karen said...

I want to try watercoloring. I have all the tools just afraid I lack the talent. I even thought about taking a beginner class.

I recently used my scoring blade for my pocket card and tri fold card.
Karen H

Penny & Lisa said...

Ok, here goes...I desperately want to learn everything there is to know about coloring images with gamsol and stumps and the like. I love the outcome. My scoring blade?! Hmm. that is hard. I don't even keep it on my cutter. Maybe you could help us with ideas for that too. You have a lot of work to do, go get busy! LOL! Lisa K

Tracy.H said...

Awesome candy and even more awesome blog!!

The one thing that I keep putting off? Scrapbooking! I want to, really I do. I have done a few pages, but it just seems to really intimitate me for some reason. I just have sooooo many pictures, where do I start??

As for the scoring blade? I use it a lot! I like to do different cards that have fun scoring templates. I have started using more DP and find it very frustrating, because the paper is always tearing. Looking forward to using the Scor-pal when it is available ;0)

lynch51 said...

Great blog! Thank you for the opportunity to win your candy!

1) New tech..I would love to learn anything I don't already know! I am always excited to learn new things!

2) The only other thing I can think of with the blade is boxes and the "scrapbook" in the June or July 06' Stampin' Success. What made you ask that question though???

Thanks again!

Jana Weaver said...

New technique I would like to try is faux mother of pearl - altho I don't think I brought any lumiere with me, so might have to get some!!

and scoring blade? Just to make nice straight folds for anything, like baskets, special cards, and normal cards.

Great candy!!

Sandra L-M said...

1) New technique: I want to try the acetate and tissue but looks a bit messy. My stamping area is already a big mess.

2) Scoring blade: I'm starting to use it because it makes cleaner folds but I never get it even.

Judyor said...

1. New technique - cracked glass. I also just bought the cuttlebug and I want to learn to used to the max !!!
2. Scoring blade - I only use to fold card in half, however, I want to make a triangle fold card and will use the scoring blade for that.

Tami said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog yesterday and subscribed immediately!
1)- technique- I would say poppin pastels or anything with pearl ex. I have attempted the poppin pastels but I am scared to death to use them.

2)- scoring blade- usually only use it for things like nugget boxes, etc that don't get cut.

Gina Wrona said...

Well since I just received a cuttlebug for my birthday, any and all techinques on how to use this wonderful machine.

Scoring I use it afterwards to make sure I have clean crisp lines.

Ila said...

1. I would love to learn to make a shaker card and paperbag album.

2. So far I've only used my scoring blade for cards.

Kevin & Amy said...

Great blog candy, Alli!

1) I have put off learning Pearl Ex techniques. I don't own any Pearl Ex or Lumiere, but I have always wanted to try them out! Maybe someday:)
2) I only use my scoring blade for special projects, like tunnel cards, swing cards, boxes, etc.

~Amy H.

gremhog said...

i have wanted to learn how to use PearlEx. finally I attended a class and learned 5 different ways to use it. I just returned from the store and bought up sets. The first thing I want to do is to transform the colors into "watercolor" form, complete by using the watercolor trays so each color gets it's own spot.

I think the only think I do is score. I don't know how else to use it but if anyone does, please contact me. I imagine it could really make a nice patterned background.

Mara said...

) What new techniques/projects do you really want to learn but have put off learning?

How to use Radient Pearls.

2) What projects do you use your scoring blade for besides the obvious line down the centre of your card? A general description would be great.

I haven't used it on anything else besides the center of a card.

Sue Symens said...

Just visited for the first time today. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing!!!

loislane said...

I would like to try the prismacolor pencils and gamsol. Love the look. As for the scoring blade, I only have used it to score a card with different folds or something.

Cheryl K said...

Hi Alli -

I think I would like to try using the Gamasol and PrismaColor pencils. I haven't trie that yet.
2) Scoring blade - I don't use this often. Waiting to hear what others say.

Anonymous said...

Great blog candy! I just started reading your blog (I subscribed too!) and I love all of your cards!
1. I would love to learn the prismacolor pencils and gamsol technique, I love how everything turns out but I haven't wanted to invest the $$ in prismacolors yet.

2. My scoring blade really only comes out when I score large batches of cards and I have some problems with unevenness when i do score.

Thanks for the chance to win!
Geny C.

Alicia said...

Well I want to try the technique where you cut out a patterned paper and place it into another stamped image. Not sure if this is paper piercing or what.

Scoring blade.. there is another use for this other than creasing your cards??!! lol

Janet B said...

The technique I am putting off learning is masking. I see it done so nicely, but I just haven't got the courage to try it. I think I"m afraid I don't quite understand how it works.

As for the scoring blade--I just use it for cards--I've been trying the triange fold card lately. Just love it.

Thanks, Janet B

Selina said...

What fun candy you have!

1 - a new technique...well, I have been trying to do things with Pearl Ex Powders but haven't really been successful...

2 - scoring blade...well, other than the occasional scoring of a card, I used it last night to score some lines for a mini chipboard album I am attempting to make.

Angie R. said...


1. New technique would be coloring with Prismacolors and Gamsol...I'm not a good "painter" at all, I could use lots more practice.

2. I don't think I have a scoring blade...I use my bone folder to score if I need to.

Julie K said...

I want to try embossing. I have all the stuff, I've just never used it.

I don't think I've ever used a scoring blade. If I have to fold something I use my bone folder.

Jen said... technique....Not new to others but I am still struggling with the gamasol technique. I totally suck at it, I'm getting really frustrated and about ready to give up, but I'm going to try one more time.........

Scoring blade......I guess I'm too lazy to use it for anything, I barely use it to score my cards. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the candy offer,

1. I need to to learn the cracked glass technique,its really bothering me that I haven't done it yet.

2.Have to admit that I really don't use my scoring blade much.


iralamija said...

You make beautiful work!!

Bety :)

Barb S> said...

New technique to tackle is Pearl Ex. And for the scoring blade.....I use it for Flap folding on boxes, envelopes & on different places on the card other than "center"!! LOL! Thanks for the blog candy...pick me!! lol Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi Alli!
How wonderful blog candy!
1) technique that I would really like to try is the alcohol of these days
2) scoring blade..great for scoring fold lines on the square card that pops open when you pull one flap..score large piece of square cardstock into 4 same size squares ~ 2 score lines and than score one diagonal line from one corner to the other...fold and you have a neat pop open card...

Sheri in Vancouver, BC

Marie said...

Hi Alli!
1. The new technique for me would be the grid thing that I see everyone doing with their scoring blade and then direct to paper to highlight the "tile" effect. It's kind of like a dry embossed tiled background.
2. Scoring blade idea? I love the explosion/squash books. Just 2 chipboard coasters for covers and three sheets of paper scored cross and then diagonal. These are so quick and really neat!

Lisa H said...

Thanks for the give away. Technique would have to be 3D projects. I score everything but the center line in a card! Ha ha, I actually fold and use a bone folder for that.

Ashley said...

Thanks for giving away the blog candy!

1) I would love to learn how to use PearlEx and also coloring with Gamsol and Prisma colored pencils.

2)Scoring blade..I think I have only ever used mine for scoring the center of the card or when making the trifold card if that is any different.

Jan Scholl said...

if I want to learn something, I just ifnd a blog online that shows it.
I dont have a scoring blade. I have a Scor it board and I Made designs in my cardstock with is.

Anonymous said...

New project would be something framed to hang in my home. Scoring blade.... hmmm... guess I've only scored with it. Would love new ideas. Love your creations! LorieR

Anonymous said...

1. I would like to learn how to use Pearl X in as many ways as possible.

2. I actually use my scoring balde more since I went to convention this last year than ever before. I just finished my sister-in laws programs for her wedding and used the blade at the top to make the pages fold cleaner.

Thanks for the great blog!
Terri E.

Lilian said...

1. well, since i am so new at stampin in general, everything is a new technique for me! so i love to see all ur tutorials and tips on things.

2. i've used the scoring blade to make boxes and match box thingies, and to cover chocolate nuggets =)

Anonymous said...

It's a technique I use, but would like to perfect--watercoloring. As for the scoring blade--I'm not that great at using it! Lois H

Wendy said...

1. I'm interested in learning the polished stone technique. It looks really cool; 2) I use my scoring blade on my paper cutter all the time for the usual center fold in a card, but also for accordion cards,triangle cards, boxes, putting the fold on tabs, making cardstock "hinges," anything that needs a strong, marked crease. I love this tool.

Nancy said...


I was looking for my comment but I can't find it. If I'm in here twice I apologize. That's not my intent.
Beautiful batik is a technique I've wanted to try but haven't. Not sure about that one but I love the results.
Scoring blades...I saw a book binding project that uses the a bone folder to score the paper before it was attached to the boards to form the book cover.

Denise said...

1) I don't even know what the technique is called but I keep hearing about Gamsol and I want to know what it's all about!
2) I use the scorer for making the folds in any accordian type card and I made a tag accordian fold card also...

bethtrue said...

What a great blog!

1. New technique for me would be stamping on acetate. I have Staz-on inks (black and white) and I have some transparency sheets but haven't attempted the actual stamping yet; it is such a cool effect though, from what i've seen.

2. Scoring blade - hmh, i've only ever used it to create crease marks for projects, cards, boxes etc. intrigued to read what others have used it for beyond this!!

Great questions! Have a great day!

Beth (mommy to a busy 3 1/2 year old)

Shannon said...

1) scrapbooking - I keep talking about doing some picture and layouts but then I go make a card or two and my time in my stamp room is up

2) nothing really - the occasional score for an odd folding card other however I am a die hard scorer of down the centre

Rose Ann said...

Thanks for the "candy" opportunity, Alli!

1) New technique would probably be altered lunch boxes and tins. I've tried covering journals, and those little mailboxes...but I can't see to get the fit right.

2) I've been using my scoring blade to score my butterfly wings. I score the wings where they meet the body, then pull them up to make them look more realistic.

Vera Matson said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing your creations with us! As for the questions, I an just now finally trying out pearl ex techniques. I've had pearl ex for a year or so, but put off trying to use them. Second answer, I use my scoring blade to score diagonal folds and odd folds that require accuracy. Thanks!

Life's little moments..... said...

I am a new demo again as of January. I've heard a lot about alcohol inks? Sounds messy, therefore have not even attempted to investigate until I master other techniques. As for scoring blade uses other than the obvious, I have none, but would love to learn some new uses for it! I'll keep checking your blog for answers to all my questions! Thank you! Tara Macfarlane

Frances aka StampOwl said...

1. hmmm can't think of any new techniques I want to try right now - but I am sure there is something, no matter how long you have been stamping there is always something new around the corner.

2. The scoring blade - I don't have the one you mentioned but I do have another scoring tool and I like to score around the border of the card (in slightly) so you can create a nice border. You can also create a grid using the scorer and then stamp your image over the grid.

Amanda Pedro said...

Thanks for the fun,

Technique:Vellum and transparencies. Just feel naked stampin on them and colouring them from the back. Have to buy some Stazon ink also.
AND anything messy like pearlessence, glitter. I feel ok with embossing though. LOVE embossing.

Scoring blade: To make creases for envies, cutting and folding guide lines for boxes, purses, bags, etc.


Anonymous said...

1) The new technique I would love to try next is the shaving cream technique. I have seen it done, but have never tried it. I love the backgrounds it creates.

2) I love the scoring blade for making waterfall cards...soo easy!

Val S

StampinChic said...

First I want to say I love your designs! I will be copying several of them tonight!
1) Would love to see how that Coluzzle is used.
2) Used my scoring blade to make those cute little purses/totes you see on SCS. Other than that, just cards.

chris said...

I love any technique. I am new to your blog, so will have to check previous things out first!!! I LOVE my scoring blade and use it for every card! I even use it to fold little punched tags in half b/c it makes such a clean fold. I HAVE used it to make a scored background that I saw on SCS, and LOVED that! Would like to try (if I can remember) to make a frame around my focal point, but I always forget about that!

Ashley said...

Good questions.

1. I bought the PrismaColors when they were all the rage on SCS last year and haven't done a thing with them, not even pulled them out of the box. Would love to learn how to use those expensive puppies.

2. I use my scoring blade to make 3-D items, special fold cards like swing cards or accordian cards.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog - your creations are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

1. A new technique I would like to learn would be watercolouring using gamsol and watercolour pencils.

2. I use my scoring blade to get a perfect crease for my cards.

Janet D (BC)

Nadine said...

Hi, I love your work!
1. I would love to see different ways to use Pearlex. I tried heated pearls once and it was a flop.
2.Scoring blade..Pretty much same thing for me I just use to score straight lines be it cards or boxes etc.
Thanks for the offer!

Cindy Keery said...

1) What new techniques/projects do you really want to learn but have put off learning?

Hmmm... using beads on cards.

2) What projects do you use your scoring blade for besides the obvious line down the centre of your card? A general description would be great.

The 2-4-6-8 Box

Nice blog candy!!


Jan Scholl said...

nothing new in techniques right now.

Scoring blade? dont have one but I have a scor-it board and can make designs

Billie said...

I have not put it off, it just never works the way I want it to.
BRAYER, it has bumps, unsmooth and messed up. I have rad and rad and it just doesn't work. Or maybe its the brayer oporator. lol
I use a rubber brayer.

I use my scoring blade also to smooth out paper wrinkles and sometimes to adhere or seal edges of taped or glued projects