Monday, February 26, 2007

Time for the BIG reveal and Blog Candy Giveaway...

I told you it was coming and from the looks of things people have been checking back all day (thank you!). Now for the reveal...
I need your help!
When I first started in the blogging world a month and a bit ago I had to come up with a name really quickly (I couldn't post without having a name). I had NO idea what to call my blog and I really had NO idea what kind of blogs were out there. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to come up with a new name for my blog. I have a good list but I wanted YOUR input--after all you visit my site. So I decided to award you with some fab goodies. There are two ways you can win. If you come up with THE name, I will award you with my Blog candy. If I choose one of the names on my list then I will just draw from the names of ALL those who suggested a name. You are welcome to enter every day until the draw but each name MUST be listed on separate post.
*I reserve the right to remove innapropriate posts or posts in violation and they will not be included in the draw.

My Criteria:
  • It has to start with a letter between A-E (although all names will be considered)
  • It has to be an original name that you are willing to part with (if I choose the name then it will be my blogspot name for good)
  • It should a "catchy" name...something with jazz
  • You have to submit the name no later than Thursday, March 1st at 9PM PST (you can check my clock just in case).
Just a note: I love embellishments and including a name of an embellishment etc would be fab but not necessary.

That's it. It is that simple.

Now for the Blog Candy...

I look forward to reading your comments/ideas. Best wishes.

Because I love to stamp and you do too!


secret said...

How about Alli Inks?

Leah said...

Alli, your blog is fun! and Oh my goodness, you have some wonderful goodies to share! Here are a few ideas I came up with.. feel free to mold them to your liking ;)
Alli’s Imagination
Embellished Imagination
Embellished Explorations
Creative Explosion
Alli’s Adorned Corner

Leah said...

ok here are a couple more ideas... I'll put a link on my blog to help get some more ideas for you :)

Paper Passion
Paper Memoirs
Artful Passions
Adorned Creations

Leah said...

ok one more.. I took this straight from your words:

Because I Love to Stamp

Cindy Keery said...


-Alli Stamps

-Hodge Podge of Creativity

-Pure Delights

-Miles of Smiles

-Miles Ink.

-Live out Loud


-Mostly Stamping

-Alli B. Stampin'

-Embellished Expressions


-Punchy Delights

-Color Spritzed

-Embossibly Fabulous

-Button. Brads. Bows.

Lilian said...

some ideas for a name:

1. All I love about stamping.

2. TotALLI Adorable Creations

3. Delightfully Alli

Dawn Mercedes said...

Embellished Ideas

Dawn Mercedes said...

Create, Embellish and Adore

Dawn Mercedes said...

Accumlated Creativity

Kelly Sampson AKA Emmiestamps said...

How about
Insane Embellisher
Artfully Alli
Beauty of Crafting
Behold My Card
Beloved Embellishments
Artful Endeavor
Chronicles of Alli
Chronicles of a Papercrafter

Maria said...

Here are a few I came up with:

Elemental Designs by Alli
Elemental Expressions
Creative Expressions by Alli
Alli's Adornment
The Creative Spot
Stampin' with Alli
Alli's Inspirational Space
Stampin' Expressions by Alli
Embellish with Delight
Delightfully Embellished

doverdi said...

Love your blog. What a fun contest. Here's a name I came up with: Embellished Canadian Style

doverdi said...

Here's another: Inking Canadian Style

doverdi said...

Also you could go with something like: Inking the Canadian Way, Creative Canadian, Creative Canadian, Created & Embellished the Canadian Way or Embellished the Canadian Way.

mjb coffee said...

Bling, Bling Alli

Dana said...

I adore your blog, so glad I found it!
How about: Enhance-able Images?

Dana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dana said...


Dana said...

Alli-ments of creativity?

Dana said...

Enhanced Elements?

Dana said...

Altered, Bedecked, and Enriched?

Dana said...

Creative Garnishments?

tyrymom29 said...

How about ALLI'S CANADIAN CREATIONS......????? Cute blog!!!

~Lana B.~ said...


Good Luck on your search! I'm sure you will find a name that suits you w/ all of the wonderful suggestions here!!
~Lana B.~

Cindy Keery said...

-For the Love of Stamping

Desi said...

How about "Adored remembrances by Ali."?

Linda Yamakido said...

how about,,, artful ali's place

Momabellah said...

Hi love the blog, great idea for a contest. How about :

~Scrappin Alli~
or Scrappin with Alli ?

Good luck and have fun with your contest , thanks :)

Robin Stewart said...

Story of a Super Stamper

Stefanie said...

You have a great blog and this is such a fun idea. I'll throw my hat into the ring!

My suggestion: "ElementAlli" as in, Elementally.


Marie said...

Tot-Alli Creative (as in Totally)
Alli's In the House
Beautifully Alli
Miles of Imagination
Island Girl Ink. (as in Inc.)
Alli's Art Area
AM Inkspirations (AM for Allison Miles)

quickcurl said...

I am so glad I found your blog, so much to look at! After looking at all you beautiful work and posts, this is what sums it up for me. Alli's Place - Where The Craftin' Begins! After I looked at your post of your craft room, I thought yep this is where it starts! I just wanted to dive right in! Thanks for sharing with us! Christine

Stefanie said...

Here's another one.

EspeciAlli Stamping

This is a fun challenge!


Dawn Mercedes said...

oh, Stephanie posted "especiAlli Stamping." You HAVE to pick that's the best!

KindredEsprit said...

Here are some ideas...
Candy Embellishments
Embellishments Candy
I Dream of Stamping
Stamping in my Dreams
Creating Paper Art Everyday

This is fun! Thanks for this chance!

Alex said...

How about Blingfully Alli
Alli's Crafting Parlour
Blingalli Yours

Dawn Mercedes said...

I am still rooting for Stephanie's

EspeciAlli Stampin!

(As if I get a vote!)

Renee said...

Here's some:
Artfully Yours
Delightfully Delicious Rubbah
Everything Paperie