Friday, November 13, 2009

A peek of a sneak peek

I am BEYOND excited today to share and showcase the versatility of these sets once again. Today's post is a doozy!  It has taken me the better part of the day to prepare for this one.  In my husband's sweet wisdom he decided that I needed a special evening out so he has organized an outing for me and the girls.  Hence you get a peek as I may be tardy in posting the rest of it...but it is 1/2 printed up so it is coming!  So make sure to check back by tomorrow morning at the latest because you don't want to miss the remainder of the reveal--lots of photos and fabulous ideas too.

In the meantime I have put together a sneak peek of a sneak peek...

Note: Homemade by... is not a part of Communique Curves stamp set but was required for this project.

See you soon!!!


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dawnaclark said...

Ohhhh!! I'm #1!! Love these stamps and the project is to DIE for! I am wanting this BADDDDDD!!