Monday, October 5, 2009

Some WCMD fun with PTI!

On Sat Oct 3, I participated in a number of Splitcoast challenges and PTI challenges unfortunately because of issues with networking I was unable to post my cards. After some fiddling, DH has fixed the problem. We have never had so many problems and considering we just moved from a remote community to a big city I never imagined we'd have these issues. Anybody else with Have you had problems?

One of my fav challenges was Nichole Heady's Challenge #1: Japan. I knew right away what I wanted to do...create a soft watercolour look using Out on a Limb.

I pressed the ink on my acrylic block and and used my aqua pen to soften and accent the already stamped images. You'l also notice the flowers were brightened using a white gel pen.

I used my gold leaf pen to give the edges a golden feel--something I noticed on many of my Japanese finds.

Stamp Set(s): Out on a Limb by PTI
Cardstock: Stampers Select White by PTI , Spring Moss by PTI, Ripe Avocado by PTI
Ink: Dark Chocolate by PTI, Raspberry Fizz by PTI
Accents: Gold Leaf pen by Krylon
Tools: Scor-Pal

I'll have another card to share with you tomorrow!



Jennifer said...

I don't know about you, but I have Time Warner cable, phone, and internet. All of the computers in my house are wireless including my desktop for schooling which uses a wireless adapter. We never had more issues with Time Warner's internet service until we moved in April. The internet constantly resets, turns off, or just plain dies. My only choices are to sit it out and wait for it to come back on again, or go over to the black box-thing and unplug it's power cord and plug it in again to force it to reset, thus turning back on.

We have had Time Warner out at least a half a dozen times since then, and they always tell us the same thing, "It's the building's wiring". According to them, the wiring is too old to deal with Time Warners new and constantly updating services, which makes sense except the buildings around here with brand new wiring have the same issues as well do people I know that live 100 miles from here.

I don't know if these are your issues, but I am on the complete other side of the country from you (Ohio), so if they are, I would like to call out another TW worker and complain to them face to face.


Andrea G. said...

Hi Alli,

I still enjoy reading your blog. It looks like you've been very busy in the last while. I've moved around too and it always takes a while to "get set up".

Yes, we have Shaw (phone, computer and TV). We are quite happy with it and not had many problems. The only time we've had to call for help or service was with our TV when ShawOnDemand wasn't working. They corrected it very quickly. The service we've had from them has been pretty good...but maybe that's because we live in "small-town" Winnipeg. LOL My advise is to keep bugging them until they have it fixed. :)

Merry said...

Stunning card.

Jessica said...

Wow, what a gorgeous card! I love all the details you added to such a "simple" card. I'm going to keep the idea of using a white gel pen on the flowers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kierra said...

I love this card. Simple yet so very pretty.