Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Operation ORGANIZATION--craft room sneak peak

So I mentioned I would post my scrapbook page...instead I turned my room upside down. Oh boy oh boy...who in their right mind owns this stuff??? Oh right *grins*. I spent roughly 6 hours working on the room so far. The kids go to bed at 7PM so it's a good time to get down to business. I took a before shot, especially for my friend Carole Burrage (love that girl!) who thinks that I am Mrs neat neat. I just wanted to shock her a little. For me creativity means a messy craft room--and I am a little OCD about mess (like I don't like it!). You want to know the worst part? That craft room has now been messy for at least a month now. With a new year upon us, a fresh start is exactly the kind of medicine I need to get stamping again. KWIM? Do you have any New Year's craft resolutions? There is an interesting thread right now in the PTI forums about that.

So here is a peak at disaster:

Here is part of my solution--Operation Organization (it was a Christmas gift *grins*)

And here are a few peaks at organization:

Stay tuned for my final pics. I will share some of my storage solutions with you too including some of the ones I shared in the past.

Have a terrific day.



loree2000 said...

GL with the organization process! From experience...It's bittersweet! Looks like you have a lot done already!! Looking great! And man girl!!! You've got a TON of stuff! I would love to have a play date at your house!! :) ~Lori (loree2000 SCS)

Regan said...

great pics, I just got that MM embellishment centre too, love it and sooo practical!!

Have a great new Year

DeniseLynn said...

Looks Great! Come on over; I sure could use some help with my mess. *grin* I really enjoy seeing photos like this as it always inspires me to work a bit at organization here.

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!! I need to do a bit of the same in my craft room as well!! Somehow I just keep collecting more stuff. I just don't know how that happens. :-)

Happy New Year!! Blessigns and Hugs!!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Your before looks like my after!!! Still, can't wait to see your progress, even if it is *slight*... Happy New Year, Girlie!!!

Deanna said...

Lookin good Alli, I got a MM Embellie center for christmas too and I can't wait to get home and revamp the craft room!

Can't wait to see the final pics!

Terri said...

What is in the picture above the ribbon picture, the one with the what looks like in cans?
I love all your STUFF! i would enjoy playing at your house too.

Ifat Art said...

Hey, Alli... I don't see where's the disaster...? my craft room always looks like that (just without the huge amount of supplies... I don't have that many)

I love the ribbon shelf. Organizing it according to colors is a great idea...

Have a great new year!

Susan said...

Hey Alli,
Hoping this email will "take" as my last attempts at posting have bombed. I want to find balance this year between studying, writing, art and all that is creative. My art room is a mish mash of all the furniture we didn't know what to do with when we moved here. (I'm still trying to figure it out!) your space is looking great!
Love Susan

Estelle McLachlan said...

Wow, Alli - what a workspace! I think I would like to start rearranging and take some inspiration from your room; this is just excellent.