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Iron On Transfer Update and some answers

It's the long weekend here in Canada. I have to say I have a few things in the works to share but they are not quite done. We actually had our first day of "summer" summer weather in spring! The kids and I were out most of the day, even had a picnic on the front lawn. My inlaws are out visiting too so that is my excuse for not posting a card. However...I plan to answer your burning questions about iron on transfer just so you have the information. In addition, I will answer a few more questions that have popped up over the past few days too.
Thanks again for all your support, it means the world to me. Your recent comments/compliments have warmed my heart. It's seriously people like you that encourage me to keep going--((hugs))

I gave the postmaster her gift yesterday. She LOVED it. She has a young son so I think he is going to love that mini gift bag too.


Like some others here, I am BLOWN AWAY by the idea that you can use iron-on, rather than try to stamp/colour right on the fabric (which is a one-shot deal if it messes up). Please, please tell us more about this! What kinds of inks & colouring tools will this work with? (See answers below)

1) What is an iron on transfer?
Is a sheet of special paper that allows images to transfer onto fabrics.

2) Where do you buy them?

To look at a variety of iron on transfer sheets that have been reviewed please look HERE.

You can also buy them in Michael's, other craft shops and you can also find them in the computer section of select stores.

Ideas for using Iron on Transfer

  • Make a mousepad using your favorite images. Either way, simply trace the mousepad shape on the back of the transfer paper, trim the transfer to fit, and then iron it onto a blank mousepad.
  • Create a T-shirt to fit any occasion: bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, anniversary parties, class reunions, and more!
  • Show your neighborhood pride. Stamp fun images on an iron-on transfer, and then iron it onto a colorful fabric banner. Hang it on your front door, porch, or mailbox.
  • Create adorable onesies, T-shirts, and even pajamas for kids. Use images for Mom and Dad along with fun sayings, or spell their names out. (tip: remember to stamp name AFTER as your letters will be backwards)
  • Set the table in style for any occasionuse holiday-themed stamps to create your own original design, and iron-on transfers to create a tablecloth that will never need a centerpiece.
  • Personalize a tote bag.Stamp on your iron-on transfers to create bold initials or vivid patterns that take your canvas bag from drab to fab!
  • Perk up a pillow or create a unique wall hanging without having to sew a stitch. Simply stamp an image or quote onto iron-on transfer paper and iron it on to a pillowcase or a piece of fabric.

Tips for Iron On Transfers

  • Words, sentiments etc should be stamped AFTER as they will be reversed if stamped on iron on image and placed on items.
  • Cut out your design from the transfer sheet using sharp scissors, leaving about a 1/4-inch edge around the image. Be careful not to cut into the design itself, or it may bleed in the wash.
  • To show off a multicolored design, choose a light-colored fabric like white or pale yellow.
  • Washing instructions: Turn the items inside out and wash in cold water. Remove the items immediately after the wash is done and hang to dry.

Iron on transfer Questions

Oh, the possibilities that you have conjured up in my brain with these iron ons. It sounds like I would need to use either copics or sharpies tho--not the SU markers. Is that correct? I would love to try this technique but don't have copics. Thanks for another winner Alli.

What works for me:
Copics (Yes...very sharp colors even after wash)
Sharpies (Yes...colour remain dark)
SU Markers (Yes, colours are lighter)
I don't have any other type of marker so if you happen to try this and get results please let me know. Also, if you test yours and have different results please let me know. I am just basing mine after a few washes.

(Q) Whoah, you're saying hybrid ink and copics will work with iron transfer?! (A) Yes

(Q) I am stunned LOL! How wash-proof is this? (A) I did a few tests on these. I washed mine just regular (iron on transfer was exposed) and I also washed it so that the iron on transfer was on the inside of the clothing (inside out). The items that were exposed still showed vibrant colour but the transfer showed cracks. The iron on transfer that was inside out washed perfectly--good colour and no cracks. That was after two washes on a regular cycle.
The iron on transfers using SU! markers were more faded.
**please note I ONLY used the palette inks for stamping.

(Q)Cute card, Alli!! I haven't been able to find Stamp It! anywhere around here for quite a long time. If anyone in the Edmonton area knows where it is available, I'd sure love to hear about it!!
(A) Try Walmart. My inlaws are out visiting and I asked them to stop at Walmart on the way and they found it (I live in BC, Canada)

(Q) I love this set. It's the one I bought this month. I want to know if you think the puddle/snow image would be a decent cloud image? In North Texas, we have lots of rain, so it's appropriate. For some reason I identify with your sets and I always dual purpose at least one of your images. I hope that doesn't annoy...
Thanks for your comment on my blog. It made me hopeful about my talent... :-)
(A) What a FABULOUS idea! You are right. I actually had thought of that when I drew it but had completely forgot about suggesting that. I am glad you pointed that out.

(Q) So cute! Congrats on the publication. I haven't seen it yet but will be sure to pick it up ASAP!! Any advice for submitting - how often do you submit, how many cards did you submit before one got accepted, did you email card pics and a word document or put the supply list in the body of the email?? Sorry for all the questions - I'm always curious about the process and the details!! Thanks for sharing.
(A) I have only ever submitted items about 6 times. Seriously...that is all. I have 4 publications coming out so 4 out of 6 is pretty good.
My advice: submit a lot and submit often. The key is getting to know the style of the magazine publication and reading the requirements. If you go to the pub sites (Paper Craft Magazine, Crafts n Things etc) read what they are asking for. One of my fav places to find out what is coming up including the buzz is the craft world is Pub Calls (this site is ALWAYS located under Places I Visit on the right hand side of my blog).
Some publications require sending in a photo ahead of time and then the card later and others require you send the card right away.
Many of the publications ask for a detailed supply list with the submission. Sometimes they ask you to include the steps too.
Please feel free to ask more questions.

(Q) What is really fun is that there is a possibility of a companion set also--maybe something that includes a little bird, a nest that would fit inside on of the mailboxes, a little bunny for spring, a little USA flag for the 4th, pumpkins for fall.
(A) Sharron, I LOVE this idea...will definitely chat with Nichole about it.

(Q)Does this set have an image of a house? No Also, does this set have postmark squiggles? Yes

Where are the postmark squiggles?

I was looking for that stamp to do a postcard type card for an invitation. Am I missing something?

(A) So sorry Terri! I am not sure how I overlooked that. I was sure I typed no for that. I know it is something that is being considered in the future. Again, I am sorry for misinforming you.

Well that's all for now. Have a terrific day. I will be back tomorrow with a card.
Have a wonderful rest of the afternoon and see you in the forums!

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Dawn Easton said...

Thanks Alli for answering so many questions!
I did want to let that person know who asked about buying Stamp It in Edmonton. I ran out and bought it yesterday(so I could see your card...hehe). I always buy it at my Sobey's grocery store here on 23rd ave and 50 street. Hope that helps them ;)