Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Craft Room...

I am working hard to revamp my stamp room to make stamping more efficient(that means no time to post a card right now)...I promise to share photos with you later today and if I get a chance a card too. Would you believe I forgot to take photos of the before (agh!)?! If you have ANY tips you would like to share for organizing PLEASE do so. I will be sharing many tips with you too *smiles*


~missprissme said...

I was doing the same thing tonight. I organize on a regular basis in my craft room. Tips. I like everything at my fingertips and in plain view. That's just me. If I buy containers they are most likely clear. Again so I can see. The three shelf expandable spice shelf by rubbermade I have two of these. Target sells them so does container store. I get more real estate if I go vertical i.e up with shelves in an otherwise dead wasted space. I just installed a very inexpensive expandable curtain rod cheap 2-3 dollars at JoAnns to hang my punches right in front of me. Maybe I will take some new pics of my room tonight and post them on my blog. I have some old ones but have since added and moved things. ;D

Anonymous said...

I keep paper scraps in gallon size
bags, organized by color and hung
on skirt hangers(the kind that has
four tiers on one hanger). I find I
use my scraps much more this way.

Jewels said...

Hi Alli,
I've been in the midst of that very same thing (for about two months!) You can check out my progress on my blog (scroll down if there is no photo in the current post.)
My favorite tip is to use as many drawers as possible. They just seem the most handy for finding and returning tools and often used items. Can't wait to see your results!

Sarah D said...

I store all of my 6x6 DP in the PTI clear boxes tha stamps come in
all of my DP has been cut to 6x6 200 sheet or two full packs of the SU dp fit in each box!!!

Karen said...

Good luck! One thing I did last year was to buy a magnetic board at Target and use magnetic spice containers to hold small embellishments. I have some pictures here if you're interested:

Jillabella said...

I do that every few months, it seems. Can't wait to see the before and after!! xoxo

Sharon said...

Organizing is just as important to me as the creating process; can't do one without the other! Here are a few tips from my stamp studio:
*yes! Use upspace! I actually put a 5-shelf white bookcase on the end of my stamp table, against the wall, of course. My studio has a high ceiling & all that space was begging to be used.
*I recently sorted and separated my scraps by color families (ie: all reds/all blues/etc.) into an expanding file folder which sits on a shelf nearby. I used to keep them all in a shoe box & had to paw through it all to find what I need. This is MUCH more efficient!
*Still searching for the perfect useable storage for my 12X12. It's presently in a lidded box which sits under my table because I don't have shelf space to store it; I'm not happy w/ this. Ideally I'd store it in the file cabinet where I keep my of these days I'm going to make my own 12" deep hanging files to do this!
*On my desktop I keep a small 3-drawer thingie. Top drawer-white & ivory envelopes, next drawer-2 sizes blank index cards which I use inside my cards for writing on, 3rd drawer is a stash of clear envelopes. They all fit beautifully & I don't have to restock very often.
Well, I seem to have rambled on quite a bit, but it was fun! :)

Kelley said...

It must be time for Spring cleaning in our craft rooms, as I recently just reorganized mine too! Here are a few pictures I have posted...there will be more soon!