Monday, March 24, 2008

Late you say?

We had a fierce windstorm with rain, hail and snow and lost power while I was cooking our Easter meal at 2PM yesterday. The power was restored just before midnight. I cooked Easter dinner on the BBQ in that bad weather. We didn't get to eat until 8:20. The kids ate PBJ sandwiches for dinner and I layered their clothes and blankets since we only have electric heat and then sent them to bed. It was a long night and definitely no crafting or Internet time for me. I promise to have something to share with you tomorrow.


Amy said...

Oh NO!!! Sounds like you were resourceful with what God handed you for the day--good girl! I'm glad to hear everything came back on so you didn't have to be chilly all night long!


Deborah said...

What fun! LOL! It always seems to happen on major holidays! Last Chrsitmas the turkey hadn't been in the oven but 1/2 hour and the power went down! No heat, no music, and my grand babies were on their way!Luckily our power was restored in 2 hours, so we were able to eat our turkey dinner, just late! My DH was ready to get the generator out, but I assured him we would be up and running soon! They are great to have as a back up! Since the wild fires last Oct. we had no power for a month, so we had to invest in a good generator. Glad things are back to normal! An Easter you shall always remember! Deb

Beth said...

Never a dull moment huh? Sounds like you all made the best of things, though! Way to go! It reminds me of a Thanksgiving a few years back when we lost power due to a traffic accident involving apparently an important power line. The turkey was only partially cooked and had to be thrown out. The power returned after a few hours but being poultry and all I wasn't taking any chances!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

OMG Allie..that sounds like the weather we had a few weeks ago. Good to know the kids ate are so flexible. Glad you were so resourceful. Chris