Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do you have nestabilities?

I absolutely LOVE my Nestabilities. I often have people asking me about Nestabilities (like what are they? and what dies do I like? where did you buy yours? etc)

My fav nesties are the scallop! The difference between these and the Marvy punches

is that with a Marvy punch you get the cut out image (the die) but with the use of Nestabilities you get the cut out image as well as well as the embossed (raised center) outline all in one. In addition, you have to sharpen and lubricate the Marvy punch quite often if you do a lot of punching whereas the nesties are sharp forever. The only down to the nesties is that you have to get a few things out when you want to punch them unlike the punch that you can grab and be done in a second--but in the long run getting the nesties out means a LOT more size options so it is worth it.

Although I have a cuttlebug I opted to buy the wizard too...

I purchased my nestabilities through Ellen Hutson's store. If you don't know Ellen, all I can say is WOW...she is a wonderful, thoughtful, resourceful lady. And that is coming from a person who has never met her (I might be SOOO lucky as to met her at CHA this February). She is so warm yet professional in her e-mails and I really have learned from her--she educates you on the products she sells in her store through her blog. Thanks Ellen. I am LOVIN' my nesties and thank you also for the recent update about the correction for the heart nesties. See this post.

So back to the reason I posted....

If you have Nestabilities you HAVE to check out this GREAT Storage System created by Cindy K

Debbie Olson also created a FABULOUS storage system for nesties too!

Bonnie contacted me with her great storage system and I am delighted to add it to my list.

I purchased the magnet tape and the CD cases a while ago (and yes...they are still sitting in the purchase bag) and now I am thinking that mounting them on the wall behind my desk like Cindy is going to do is the way to go. What do you think?

Because I love to stamp and you do too!

P.S. Stay tuned for a card...


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing, Alli! I use Debbie's method for storage because I already use CD cases for my clear and unmounted stamps and therefore, have CD racks (although, that might be getting out-of-control-teeheehee.) I really might consider the frame idea. One thing that I discovered (in a duh! moment) when I use the magenetic strips they will stick better if I bend them in the opposite direction they were rolled. Maybe everyone already knows this and I'm just slow to catch on-lol!

Val said...

I use the CD cases because they fit nicely in the "unit" that holds the Wizard and all the different plates. Works well for me...I love my Nestabilities. Now I just have to get the Petite Oval set!

Jozzie said...

This is really great information! THANKS! I'm in the process of purchasing a diecut machine and will NEED to get some Nestabilities so this is very valuable for me.

Glad I found your post through Alison. I will link to your blog. Hope you don't mind!

Have a great day!

Marlou said...

these nestabilities look the business!!! thats another for my list {lol} :) x

mindy said...

Can you use the nestabilities with a Sizzix machine? I am a little confused about what they are. Do they cut out the shape and emboss? Thank you.