Friday, December 14, 2007

12 Days of Reindeer Games Giveaway--Day 6

I spent the night doing what I ALWAYS do on the night before the 15th...I attended the PTI release party. Nichole gave us some sneak peaks ahead of time and I was ready to order right away. Thank goodness the holiday season will make the time go by quickly because waiting for stamps is SOOOO hard *lol*. No actually, I have to say I am really looking forward to this holiday season. We have family arriving this coming week! (hi mum, Drew and grandma!!! *waves*)

The winner of that ADORABLE CHF Mushroom Lane stamp # 9 was chosen via random generator. Congrats goes out to...

Julesiana who said...

I just went to the Ladies' Christmas Tea at Church. It was wonderful. No, I didn't buy anything new--I don't spend money on myself this time of year. Those ladies had to look at the same outfit I have worn for the last couple of years. (I am the pastor's wife) It went great with the necklace that the congregation bought me for Pastor Appreciation Month (Oct).

Please send me your snail mail so that I can send out this stamp to you.

Oh these blog giveaways are SOOOO much fun. I am so delighted that many of you are sticking around to play. Just because you won doesn't mean you can't win again. If the random generator picks your number than I will honour that. Sure glad I don't have to pick it because I would have a hard time going through all the wonderful messages.

We are halfway through the reindeer games giveaways. Today's set is PERFECT for Valentine's Day or an Anniversary card.

So with valentine's day in mind my question is...which one is your favourite: Chocolate or Flowers? As much as I like chocolate, I have to say flowers! This coming valentine's will mark 9 years when my DH (who was my friend and courting me at the time) sent me virtual flowers...he truly won my heart that day. From time to time he brings me REAL flowers and I can't tell you enough how that makes me smile. He is such a wonderful guy!

I should have some new cards to post on Monday. If you don't know already, my computer is temporarily out of commission (so please be patient if you are sending me e-mails because I haven't seen them). I uploaded all of my giveaways ahead of time and have been using my DH's computer to do my daily blog write ups!

EDITED TO ADD: This giveaway is over but check out the one above for your chance to win!

Because I love to stamp and you do too!


Cathy said...

Cute stamp set. I would have to say flowers. Of course chocolate would be nice also.
Thanks for a chance.

Tejal said...

I would say I'd love to give flowers and get chocolates in return :)
Coz chocolates are yummy!! if i'm gifting them, i might eat them on the way!
Thanks for a great week of give-aways..looking forward to some more!

christina said...

if i had to choose, i would have to pick flowers...not that i dont like chocolate (far from it!they always look so pretty and smell sooo last alot longer than chocolate at our house too!!

Renae H said...

I would have to say flowers. I like chocolate...but flowers won't make ya gain weight! :o)


travelingmama said...

I'm all about the chocolate!

Inkylin said...

I am definitely a chocolate type of person. I have nothing against fresh flowers but it seems that my cats tend to think fresh flowers are just their kind of salad greens.


dd2njoy said...

I love flowers especially an assortment of them!!

Amy said...

OOO flowers or chocolate?
Can we say flowers that are made form Chocolate? it's the best of both worlds. lol. No really though, I love getting flowers, daisies, orchids, lilies. Those are my favorites.

scfranson said...

I'd have to say flowers too.

Katie Skiff said...

CHOCOLATE!!!!! Flowers die!! they are more expensive!

leenda said...

Give me flowers!