Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Facts Tag

I am not sure why but 3 days ago I couldn't upload a single thing on blogger! I had 3 silly posts (those tag posts to upload). After completing 2 and getting them ready to upload they just disappeared! I am sorry if you tagged me I was diligently following through but would rather focus my time on stamping than posting again. I hope you understand.
This morning I received an anonymous tag for 7 random facts. So here is my quick reveal.

1. I have lived in 7 areas in BC and 2 areas in Quebec (for a short period of time!)
2. I was the only girl in my K class for 5 months.
3. I check the post office at least 2 times a day for mail *lol*
4. I had pleurisy (water on the lining of the lung) 4 years was BRUTAL!
5. I traveled to Europe for a month when I was 16. I visited: France, Spain, Holland, Luxembourg, and Belgium. We did a whole lot of driving and I can still smell the olives on the trees in Spain to this day! A funny thing happened in Spain. I used to hate olives but because of siesta the dinner hour was changed and we were so hungry (couldn't wait to eat at 7!) that I just ate olives and now I love them!
6. I had Postpartum Depression after my second child was born. Now I use what I learned through my experience to help educate others.
7. My childhood dog bit me in the face when I was 3 (apparently I was teasing the dog with a cookie). I have a scar above my lip and on my lip.

If you want to play too consider yourself tagged!

Because I love to stamp and you do too!


Sue said...

LOL..reading your #7 brought back memories of my dog doing the same thing...I think I was just lovin' him a little too closely for comfort! Loved that little dog so much.I was about the same age too.

Julie Masse said...

Interesting! love reading more about you Alli! thanks for playing! :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

What fun facts- especialy loved the olive tale! Isn't it funny what events and memories can be triggered by smells and tastes!
great job!

kari & kijsa

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Wow...I had PP after my second pregnancy too!!Then didn't have it after the next two...I have much more sympathy for those who go through it!! It can be real rough...Thanks for sharing Alli ((Hugs))

Rose Ann said...

Good to know you better! ;)