Saturday, September 15, 2007

About Me? *lol*

Oh that Jason Sampson...the things he will say *wink* Thanks for the vote of confidence. Have NO idea what to call this except that "It's All About Me" (lucky you!)...hope you don't get too bored *lol* If you are...I did post a card below!

Four place I have worked.
1. Various schools on the island; teaching.
2. Clothing Supply on a military base...issued and kitted clothing for regular duty and deployment for 4 years.
3. Ice Cream attendant. Yes that is right...dished out the yummy frozen stuff one summer during my late teens.
4. Subway...enough said.

Four places I have lived. I'm a BC girl!
1. Victoria, BC
2. Comox, BC
3. Cranbrook, BC
4. Prince George, BC

Four places I have been on vacation.
1. Paris, France
2. Anaheim, California
3. The Oregon coast...what a dream!
4. London, England

Four of my favorite foods.
1. Mum's homemade cookin'
2. Flammekuchem (it's German, it's greasy, it's fatty and it is GOOD! Imagine if you will, a pizza with bacon, onions and cream)
3.Tomato, garlic and basil over a bed of whole grain noodles
4. Curry dishes...medium-hot...don't forget the pappadums

Four places I would rather be right now.
1. in Hawaii, on a beach, under an umbrella (I have fair skin...what can I say)
2. anywhere with DH; no kids *hehe*
3. wandering the aisles of my fav LSS in Campbell River called She Runs with Scissors
4. in Nichole Heady's stamp studio *lol*

Four friends most likely to respond.
1. Sherrie Siemens
2. Amy Westerman
3. Corinna Mulligan
4. You???


Cheryl said...

Bacon, onions, and cream???? OMG!!! It has to be something you just have to try. :)
i would love to join you on that beach in Hawaii.

Amy said...

Wow--a knitter on a military base? An ice cream scooper? A sandwich maker? You've done it all girl! Hope all is well!


~missprissme said...

Thanks for visiting! I've added you to my reader also. boing boing -insert jumping up and down for joy here-