Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tagged yet again!

Thanks to Rhonda and Wendy!

Boy, by the time I am 32 you will know all there is to know about me with all these 7 more facts tags *lol*

7 more facts about me:
1) I love to travel with my family.
2) I am a creature of habit.
3) I LOVE Starbucks coffee and I take mine black.
4) I love homemade soup.
5) I enjoy singing but I would NEVER try out for those idol shows *lol*
6) I check facebook twice a day.
7) I don't like to exercise but I do it whenever I can fit it in.


shelley- aka hairchick said...

That is so funny! I also check facebook twice at day (at least)lol!

Julie ~ Jades Butterflies! said...

Starbucks was on my list of 7 as well...I swear they put something in thier coffee to get you addicted! Have a great day!