Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Scor-Pal projects 3...

is finally up and you can see the tutorial for my squash book! If you haven't made one of these books yet you will LOVE it. They are super easy to make. I made my first one in 2003 as a gift for my husband who was away on course. I took photos of him and my son during our visit, made up a squash book and sent it to him as a keepsake--boy did he like it! Even though it was quite rudimentary, I still love looking at it.
One thing that I absolutely loved about making this squash book was using my scor-pal tool. I adore this tool and use it ALL the time but loved the ease it allowed for me to make the many folds for this book.

Diana Crick has created an incredible gallery and project file on the scor-pal site. Make sure you check out all the wonderful step by step tutorials and start creating! I highly recommend purchasing this MUST have tool.

On that note, Happy 4th to my American friends.

Because I love to stamp and you do too!

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beate said...

Great tutorial, Alli. I love that squash book you made!