Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am back!!!!

Wow, talk about scary! 2 whole days without Internet access. My husband and I went away to an island resort about 3.5 hours away from our home for a Catch and Relax weekend (Fishing and Spa treatment). We had to take a boat to the island and NORMALLY they have dial up connection but everywhere we went they were down. You want to know how dedicated I am?...DH and I set off for a trek into town (30 minutes on a deserted road) to upload all my saved posts (for you guys!) only to find out the Internet Cafe had no Internet this week because of a computer virus!!! So, I promise that when you check back tomorrow (Monday) there will be something new. I am off to unpack and do some laundry. I will be back soon.

Because I love to stamp and you do too!

P.S. We both caught fish during our four hour fishing trip! It was so exciting. I let mine go though.


Jennifer said...

Awesome for you guys. I am sooo jealous. Everyone needs some R&R. FIshing is a great way to have time to look, be and relax. Glad you got the chance!

Sherrie said...

sounds like a lot of fun and relaxation...good for you! I received the package you sent me...your card is fabulous! Thanks again!

westclows said...

I know you guys were gone..but I did check your site evryday..I know you tried to show us something..but am glad you got a break from this the card...I will send one too, I saw this story a while ago...glad you put the fish back as well...wondering if you have a fishy card in mind for father's day?