Thursday, May 10, 2007

Enabling Post and some answers!

Have you been to Nichole's blog today??? She has uploaded the most BEAUTIFUL card, 1 of 5 projects she is going to share with us in the next 5 days leading up to Papertrey Ink's new release. Can you say SIGN ME UP? I can't wait to create with that ladybug. Now go go go and see it!!!

Because I love to stamp and you do too!

P.S. I want to answer to questions that have come up recently
1) Are you using craft ink or the classic pads for your color with the acrylics???

I use both actually and usually try to share that in my card recipes. However, that being said, I neglected to mention that I used craft ink for the strawberried only in yesterday's post.

2) I have a ? for you re:determining cost of a card that you will sell. I was approached to make ATC sized baby announcements for someone, she she will pay me to make them but I am not sure sure how I should price them....any suggestions?
Thanks! Always cover the cost of your materials. With ATCs (the traditional size anyways) you know you will get 9 to a sheet. Next determine how many layers you will have and how many you will make. If you are using ribbon or anything fancy that increases the price right away. And don't forget to add TIME to that too. Determine how long it will take you to make them. Most often we short change ourselves on the time it takes to put these things together. Our time is valuable so price it accordingly. I hope that helps.


Bethany Paull said...

YES! I have already seen Nichole's blog. I'm ready for stalking at midnight on the 14th / 15th. That is GORGEOUS!!!

Sherrie said...

thanks for answering my question reguarding the ink....I have so many classic pads but they don't seem to cover as well as the craft. I saw Nicholes' her stamps....wish they would come to Canada faster!