Monday, April 9, 2007

Poker anyone?

Well it's not really poker but it sure looks like it. I have been working on some clippies for a friend so you are looking at DP covered chipboard stacked by tens. My order deadline is quickly approaching for 70 ! It takes a LONG time to cut paper/chipboard with multi layers *lol* but it has been fun!
Stay tuned for my card reveal later today (it's 1/2 done!)

My Poker Chips (*wink*)

Some Mega Clips...

Oh the JOY!!!!

I also promise to post a finished clippy once these are completed. My goal is to have them in the mail on Wednesday at the latest but the earlier the better *lol*.

Because I love to stamp and you do too!

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Anonymous said...

The clippies are going to be awesome!! Did you glue a square of paper to chipboard and then cut out the shape?