Monday, February 6, 2017

Card Metaphors for Life.

When I look back and read posts from this blog, so many years ago, I think about the passion and excitement I had tapping into my inner craftiness and burning desire to share with others.  This blog did in fact START because I had been a stay at home mum to two littles and I missed my connection with the world.  I was a professional before I was a mum and so when the opportunity to teach came into light, albeit in a different way than I ever thought possible, I jumped to it. As a teacher, I have always been passionate about sharing new ideas, creative tips as well as educating others.  Card Metaphors gave me a sense of purpose, and my audience, a sense of duty.  Writing and sharing filled my bucket.

Things changed quite a bit after I left this industry.  I have been silent for a while as I worked through challenges within my family, in particular with my son, whom I had suspected had autism. In Nov 2011, my fears and concerns were revealed.  My son was diagnosed with autism and 8 other labels.  I was sad and happy.  Experienced grief and even depression at points.  I felt like a failure.  No matter how much success had shown up in my life, I shut down.  And while this seems glum, I'm not upset for ANY of these experiences, if not I am more grateful today for how they have shaped me into the woman I am today.

I am writing to you to share the good news.  First we are all well: me, my husband, my son and my daughter.  We have taken some grand adventures in life and have grown SO much.

While I still papercraft, and while I am still a teacher and mother, I am now an advocator too.  Some of us have been friends on FB for many years and so my news today is not new for you.  But for those of you who wondered where I went, what I am up to, stay tuned as I continue my journey forward on Card Metaphors which will take a well rounded approach to life and living and sharing too.

I've missed you so much.  And I look forward to the new journey ahead. 


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