Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Daily Designs and Daily Designs Sentiments Day 5

Can you believe it's day 5 already?  I am really looking forward to seeing you all in the forums for the release party :) Nothing like good fast paced chatter and stamp set reveals to get one's heart pumping with excitment.  One of my favourite things about having a release is joining the forums and hearing about all the things you plan to purchase for the month. I know my own cart fills up with stamps, ink, paper and ribbon too.  And believe it or not you also have an influence over what I buy too LOL (especially after I see your beautiful creations).  Speaking of creations, if you plan to add Daily Designs and Daily Designs sentiments to your cart and then create something with them PLEASE send me a link.  I just love seeing your take on the sets.

Onto today's cards.  First up is for the princess in your life--and it doesn't have to simply be for the 6 year old, in fact I know a 29 year old princess too...and hey even I like to think I can sport the tiara from time to time.  My daughter is slowly transitioning from pink to purple so I thought I'd give the pink one last chance and created a pink number to share with you.

I began by stamping the scallop ring in true black.  Next I stamped the tiara in sweet blush.  I ended up double stamping the image to make it a little brighter.  Then I stamped the "sweet lil' princess" sentiment in raspberry frizz.  As a final touch to my circle I coloured it with my copic marker, added rhinestones for bling and punched it out using the circle nestabilities by Spellbinders.  You'll notice I also punched out a labels die cut and adhered the circle on with pop dots.  I layered my cardstock with October Afternoon patterned paper and added a big focal bow using the saddle stitch ribbon.
It's a simple card that speaks volumes.  I know my lil' princess will love it!

Stamp Set(s):  Daily Designs and Daily Designs Sentiments (Urban Design by Alli Miles) by PTI
Cardstock: Stamper's Select White by PTI
Patterned Paper: October Afternoon
Ink: True Black by PTI, Sweet Blush by PTI, Raspberry Fizz by PTI
Accents:Raspberry Fizz Saddle Stitched Ribbon by PTI
Tools: Copic Ciao markers, circle and labels nestabilities by Spellbinders

The second card is a simple thank you card.  I can't honestly have enough thank you seems I am always sending them out.  As a result I like to make a simple card so that it is mass produced.  I began by stamping my scallop circle in pure black and my "thanks" sentiment in pure black.  Then I outlined the "thanks" and coloured the inner circle with my copic markers.  Next I created two layers of patterned paper and cut a strip of ribbon.  Now keep in mind, if you plan to send out your card you could always 1) keep the ribbon flat or 2) replace the ribbon with a punched out border or strip of thin cardstock.  Each of those options provide a nice alternative to ribbon which can be bulky for mailout.  Personally I LOVE ribbon so it's hard for me to skip it.

Stamp Set(s):  Daily Designs and Daily Designs Sentiments (Urban Design by Alli Miles) by PTI
Cardstock: Stamper's Select White by PTI
Patterned Paper: Bo Bunny
Ink: True Black by PTI
Accents: Ribbon by Making Memories
Tools: Copic Ciao markers, circle nestabilities by Spellbinders

My final card might seem out of place during this "winter" season but then again, it's never too early to prepare for the future. I began by stamping my "x"/stitch circle using spring moss.  Then I stamped my pumpkin in orange zest and wiped off the stem and leaf with a baby wipe.  I coloured those my tombo marker.  Next I added my "harvest" sentiment using dark chocolate ink. Then I punched the circle image using the scallop square nestabilities.  I adhered it to a piece of scrap patterned paper, added a strip border and tied ribbon around it. As a final step, I stamped the base of the card using an image from Beyond Basic Borders using spring moss and adhered the focal image.


Stamp Set(s):  Daily Designs and Daily Designs Sentiments (Urban Design by Alli Miles) by PTI, Beyond Basic Borders by PTI
Cardstock: Stamper's Select White by PTI, Spring Moss by PTI, Orange Zest by PTI
Patterned Paper: Bo Bunny
Ink: Dark Chocolate by PTI, Spring Moss by PTI, Sweet Blush by PTI
Accents: Spring Moss Topnotch twill by PTI
Tools: Tombo marker (stem and leaf), scallop square nestabilities by Spellbinders

I hope you have enjoyed the countdown.  It has been a pleasure to create sneak peaks for you these past 5 days.  Before you leave today please let me know which is your favourite card from today's post.

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments.  See you in the forums!



Sharon D said...

I love the pumpkin card the best! That pumpkin is perfect! Love it! I am amazed by how many CUTE images are in this set!

Sharon D said...

I also love how Becky used the little chick today--so cute!

Primary Work at Home said...

Great designs. I love those cards. :)

slbt17 said...

they are all very sweet - I like the princess one .... I have one at home!

Alanna said...

All of your samples are super cute but my fave is probably the harvest one. I can't wait to see what the rest of the images look like tonight.

Erin said...

I am really liking your new set, Alli! Today, I am loving the princess card - don't we all have one of those in our lives?! What size circle punches would work with your circle images?

Unknown said...

I have loved all of your sample sneak peeks, Alli! This is my kind of set.. such wonderful images AND sentiments! The princess card is definitely my fav for today!!

Tracey McNeely said...

I love your autumn card the best. The colours are fabulous!

Ted said...

Alli, I love this set and you've convinced me to add it to my cart tonight. :) That princess card is very cute! You always do such wonderful work!

Kimberly said...

I love the princess card! This is a great set, really versatile and including images (chick, pumpkin, etc.) that I don't feel like I need an entire set. This is at the top of my wishlist right now.

Carol's Ink Spot said...

Loved all the sneak peeks you gave this week. I know I'm going to love this set.

Charmaine said...

Thanks for all the great inspiration this week...can't wait for tonight.


Sharron said...

Alli, just want you to know I absolutely love these sets! My favorite of this release! You do such a wonderful job and I am so glad to see you back designing for PTI. And thanks for all your daily inspiration.

Glenda J said...

The thank you card is definitely my favourite - simple, fantastic and great colour combo!

Angela W said...

Great cards again! I really like the Harvest Card!

karie said...

I really like this set and can't wait to see it in its entirety. The pink princess card is my favorite. You can never go wrong with pink!

Annheidel said...

Great new set, Ali! I think the princess crown is my favorite image. :)

Unknown said...

*sigh* ALL of your cards for this sneak peek week have been fabulous! Your new set is definitely making it onto my PTI wishlist (more like wish book) & I can't wait to see the whole thing tonight. I especially like the 'thanks' card - so clean and simple and sweet!

BeverlyBL said...

Those are some really cute cards. I like the sunny, happy Thanks card. But that pumpkin is very cute. And the first card has an especially nice bow. Something to strive for. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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