Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Housekeeping Minutes

I just wanted to take a few "house keeping" minutes to share some things with you.

1)I receive daily messages from people asking what is in store for me next and many of you have specifically asked me about my work for PTI (ie. do I work for PTI, do I still create stamps, will I be on the DT etc). As I previously posted, I took some DT leave (stepped down from teams) to focus on my family. After next week, I will have completed the most intense part of Andrew's assessment intake and will have to wait another 6-12 months before he gets his official assessment--just received the phone call today about that (yay for the Canadian medical system). However, to replace that I have a move to prepare for, homeschooling to prepare for, report cards are around the corner and much more. It's always busy in my household.
I am still working on publications and will have a couple of fun things to share in the future but for now I plan to enjoy participating in challenges and leisure stamping...oh and don't forget teaching you too! I love educational moments--so ask me some questions and tell me what papercraft things you want to learn about. I'll gladly compile the list and set the goal of teaching some if not all those things throughout the year (as long as they are doable)--I'll even post the list on my blog and cross them off or add the link when they are done :) We actually do that with the kids--we always write up a seasonal list of things to do and use it as a reference for those moments. Once we have completed the "fun" thing(s) we cross it off the list.

2) That leads me to the next housekeeping item. Did you notice the convo box in the right column of my blog? I added that box so that you can ask me a question and receive a response a lot faster. I take the time to answer all the questions I recieve by e-mail and don't get me wrong I love doing that but I also believe that your questions are someone else's questions too--so why not share right?

3) If you leave me a question but don't leave a return e-mail address it is difficult for me to return your e-mail. If this is the case you will now find the answer in the convo box.

Well I think that is all today. I hope to hear from you.



retiredheather said...

Love the convo box Ali. I just read it all. What a bummer about the time for the report. One hint...squeaky wheels get fixed. Call in all favors and try for the 6 month time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alli,
Thanks for all that you share on your blog! I was at Target and saw lots of cute owl Valentine things- they really reminded me of you Wise Owl set! Have a great day!