Thursday, March 13, 2008

Q & A--Wedding Day

***FYI, there is a scheduled blogger outage at 5PM PDT.***

Wow!!! I am loving your great questions. I am hoping to go through all of them, if I miss your question, PLEASE feel free to ask again or direct me too it. I have quite a few posts to go through and for those of you who don't know, I am right in the middle of report cards so I am sneaking a break from my job (I work from home) to answer your questions.

1) There was a question about stamping on food and to be honest I have not ventured that route yet however, I do know that there are edible markers, dyes and powders that can be used for this process. I imagine you would approach it much the same as you would if you were stamping with re inkers except that your stamp pad surface could be something like cheesecloth. Here is a link for edible dyes etc.

2) I had a similar question asked a few times so I will answer these together.

Stacie asked
Did you print the Sara & Thomas on a computer? Yes

Pam asked
Did you print the names for the favor on the computer? Yes What font is it? Jackie O is the script font I used with this set. In addition to Baskerville (which is often a standard font on your computer)

Jen Stevenson asked
Do you just happen to have a stamp with the names? No I don't. Any suggestions if you don't have a stamp. Now that you know the names of the fonts, you can either purchase the matching fonts (or choose your own) and print off greetings, invites, names etc to coordinate.

3) Kristyn asked
What is it like to be sooo creative? First of all you are SO sweet. The notion of creativity amazes me because I actually never thought I was creative *lol*. The honest truth is I am inspired by so many people that one idea and another just come together and become my eclectic approach. That being said, I would never want to take credit for something that is not mine. A while back Martha Stewart featured one of these cone favours and it has just stuck in my head. As for the candle, I believe I learned about that from my SIL (a SU! demo) who learned it from someone else who learned it from someone else. As far as the creativity of the designs, I start with an idea and just ride the excitement. Creating things makes me happy! So thank you for that compliment.

4) I would also loved to see something done using vellum, I've been wondering if the perfect match ink works well with that?
The answer to that question depends on what type of vellum you use. I only ever use the heavy cardstock vellum. If you use the cardstock vellum that SU! sells, the perfect match ink works really well but I cannot answer that question in regards to other vellum (perhaps a reader out there who has tried this can elaborate). One thing I can say is that I know if a regular dye ink works well on the vellum you use then Palette is equally compatible. I hope that helps.

5) Mary OK asked
Any ideas for a guest book?-- I'm thinking one that can be passed around and a brief note written rather than just a name.
Wow...this is a tough question because I am not a guest book kind of girl. If you wanted to create one with the stamp set of course that is entirely possible. I would start of with a journal from the dollar store and alter the outside.
If it was my wedding (and this is actually what I did for my own wedding) I would use a photo mat. DH and I had some engagement photos taken and we bought a frame with a mat and had our friends and family sign it. I LOVE the idea of receiving messages from everyone but didn't like that they would be in a book and "forgotten" about a year after we got married. This frame has been on our wall since the day we got married. On our anniversary (it's in August), we often read the comments together and share the moments of our wedding day. That being said, I probably stop and read the comments at least once a month.

Note: I was 23 when this picture was taken...lots of eyeliner *lol* time flies. Reverse those numbers and that is my age next month!!!!

6) dana asked
Why do you glue the tissue paper on first? The glue is used to secure it down--yes that seems obvious, but the reason I use it is because as I heat the candle I need to readjust my hand position with the wax paper. For this candle I only stamped on one side however if I was putting this on a round table at my wedding I would stamp at least two sides. And that would mean I would have to readjust my hand grip and wax paper increasing the likelihood that my image would move or unexpectedly fold over (that has happened to me!). Hopefully that makes sense. I do it because it works for me *lol*

7) Lisa asked
How did you get everything to line up so straight?
For the most part I just eyeball it, but the grid paper from SU! is my best friend!!! I use that EVERY SINGLE TIME I stamp.

A Q from yesterday:

stampmonkey asked
My question is if you have any suggestions for adding an envie for the reply card AND where to tuck in directions for the wedding/reception location. I know you're busy but would really appreciate any help your brilliant mind can offer. ;)
Why not add the envelope right behind the reply card? All you need to do is readjust the size of the spring moss paper so that it is greater than your envelope by a 1/4 inch Eg. the envelope is 4 inches, make the spring moss cardstock 4 1/4 inches. I have taken some photos to help you visualize what I am talking about (I am a visual person so I did this for those people who need to see it).

Note: I did not have an envelope the size of my reply but I think this gives you the idea.

As for the directions...I had to think about this one but came up with an idea. When you open the card the first thing you see is the invite, well if you don't open the other side right away there is a "blank space"--the one with ribbon and the cardstock stripe, you could tuck it in there.

Ok...those are all the questions I can answer today. Please know I do read them all *grins* I am off to finish of the rest of my sneak peaks.

Have a good rest of the day.


dhillman said...

I was reading your questions and answers and thought I would pass on an idea for the wedding greeting book. I made a book for my niece that had pics and space for comments that was cute enough to use as a mini album to be left out on a table and shared.

Thanks for all inspiration!

Sherrie said...

You are great with all these Q&A's! Loved your project Alli! This is such an elegant set and you should be SO proud! Way to go!

stampmonkey said...

THANK YOU soooooo very much for taking the time to come up with possible solutions for my questions. I'd kinda figured the same for the envie, but not for the directions. Again, thanks so much -- you're such an inspiration!

Now I'm off to give these a try...after I figure out how to best incorporate their chosen colors. ;)

Anonymous said...

You have become more beautiful with age! So not fair. LOL