Monday, February 11, 2008

My CHA trip!

It has been so much fun but it has also been very busy. I have attended classes, worked at the CHF booth, as well as wandered the floors...the MILES of floor!!! It goes on and on.
Today I am going to share some photos from the floor...for your viewing pleasure. If you have specifics about the photos ask away...I know what booth everything was from so I can share some more details. The show stopper for me was the xcalibur. I LOVED that is was so quiet, that it will have a storage drawer, that it is priced well (between $129-150US) and that it is so easy to use...I can't wait to own it...

I have a few photos to show you that I was able to grab from my camera today. I have some photos from others to share with you later.
One of the highlights of my trip was seeing so many familiar faces...bloggers, crafters and even some "famous" people. I was absolutely tickled pink to meet: Julie Ebersole, Jenn Balcer, Lisa Strahl, Keri Sereika, Kittie,Taylor VanBruggen, Sherrie Siemens, Jeanne Streiff, Bad Sherry, Lisa Johnson, Trudee Sauer, Lori Craig, Debbie Olson, Ellen Hutson, Linda Duke, Valerie Stangle, Jen del Muro, Kristine Reynolds, Julie Campbell, Christie Ortman, Julie Masse, Joanne Basile, Jillian Winters, Miss Bella herself (with Nicky!!!!), Kim van der Sanden, Shannon Tuebner, Joy Kennedy (from EP), Sharon Harnist, Carole Burrage, Lisa Zappa, Vicki Garrett, Kim Hughes, Anna Wight, Jami Sibley, AJ Otto, Sarah Moore, Lynn Mercurio, Amber Hillman, Christie Beckworth (MFT illustrator), Joni (PP illustrator) and many more!

The CHF girls--Kristine Reynolds, Julie Campbell and Alli

We enjoyed taking 7 photos in a row and taking over the aisle!!!

Who couldn't resist Elsie??

A little Ranger U in the lobby with Lisa Strahl (and yes that is Kim Hughes!)

Here's a variety of pics for you to look products and LOTS of CUTE designs.

More to come later!



Bethany Paull said...

Thanks for sharing your CHA pics. It's fun to see what's going on and who's there, even though I'm not. Love the newest example from you stamp set (above) too. I've been tuning in every day to check it out.

Anonymous said...

what FUN Alli! thanks for sharing!!

Mary said...


Thanks so very much for sharing some of your CHA pictures. I love the picture of you, Kristine and Julie together. Awesome!


Unknown said...

Alli, it was so fun to meet up in person, I'm so excited for all the "new" in your life! Congratulations. Wishing you a very safe journey home, I know you have a LONG LONG way to go.

Great pictures!!

AJ said...

It was so great to be able to meet you in real life!!
And your new PTI line is *fabulous*!!! Congrats on that!!