Friday, December 21, 2012

Ready, get set...2013.

CHANGE happens when you set your mind to it. We often take for granted the things we have in life until things are the way we remember them. Because of this, I will never take my health for granted. Be PROACTIVE rather than reactive. Is HEALTH on your priority list for 2013? 

Only ONE WEEK LEFT. I am cordially inviting YOU to join a group of 250 like-minded people including health professionals, fitness trainers and nutritional coaches who have said YES to a healthy future. 
Results GUARANTEED! Support above and beyond and motivation and ENERGY through the roof!!! 

Deadline to register is December 28th, and program starts January 7th, 2013! This is the year that YOU will be the healthiest version of YOU!! Private message me ♥

Is it possible to get healthy and strong?  You bet it is.  You know my story.  What is yours?

Here is just a sampling of friends who have also taken the challenge...

Busy with work, children and day to day stuff, my dear friends Randy and Sara were tired, stressed and struggling with health challenges. This is a couple who was already health conscious but took it to the next level. 

After discovering the Isagenix Systems, everything changes. They were delighted to find a company whose product was mainly gluten free, wheat free, and barley free to support Sara's needs.  After 30 days, they were overjoyed by decreased stress, weight loss and increased energy.  But even better, this couple realized that they had spent no additional money in the month buying their 30 day systems because they were redirecting their grocery money.  In fact, this couple SAVED $!!

To their surprise, the benefits of this program kept showing up.  The convenience of a morning shake meant more time with their precious children and a more pleasant morning experience. Soon they began sharing a morning shake with their kids who also perked up and showed improved mental clarity.

This couple has come a long way and are now sharing the benefits of this program with family and friends who are also experiencing AMAZING results.

Attention Students! Does this sound familiar? As a full-time student, juggling 2 jobs, Krystal was struggling with work, school, and exams. It left her tired, in a mental fog with no energy, stressed out, and eating 'convenience food' for meals.

After discovering the Isagenix Systems, it changed everything. With incredible super nutrition and cleansing components, her energy shot up (no more sleeping in class), her stress dropped, she had mental clarity (studying became easier), and she dropped dress sizes because the system was CONVENIENT. No more fast/convenient food, skipping breakfasts, or missing meals because it was easy, convenient, and most of all, it WORKS!

These are just a few in the thousands of success stories to share!!!  By finding two friends for your lean team you can earn up to 50% off your first purchase...and that is only the beginning of good things to come.  Message me for details today.


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