Sunday, June 10, 2012

30-60-90 Committing to life

What an amazing weekend so far.  I had a fabulous few days of workouts, enjoyed some sunshine, took a trip to my old community and am now working on reporting for the end of the year.  For the last week I have been working on girl guide trading pins with the little miss as she is participating in Hands across the border, an event where guiders meet from both Canada and the US and swap pins.  I'll take a photo of the lil' miss and her traders when she gets home tonight.  Lots of fun for sure.

Not only did I recently have a phenomenal 5K run experience but I have also committed to bringing back my overall health from the inside and out.  After a 3 month challenge (March-May) called the LEGacy challenge, I had an amazing opportunity for a photo op.  It's a little out of my comfort zone to dress up in short shorts and an athletic top but the core group of women inspired me to show that a 3 month commitment to health, fitness and wellness is worth capturing.  What I didn't know then that I know now is that 3 month challenge has created a lifestyle for me and I am more committed now to ensuring I exercise every day--a far cry from my previous sedentary/too busy/I can't lifestyle.  Just because I ate healthy didn't mean I was healthy.

Photo# 1--So before I show you my personal pics (check back tomorrow), here is our group shot.  There were 100 participants in our LEGacy challenge group and this is just a small representation of about 30 of us.  The couple on the left are our trainers.  Amazing role models in every aspect of wellness, fitness, clean eating and just plain inspiration.  Want to know the best part, I did all my workouts from home!

Photo #2-- Is a group from the above group, who also incorporate Isagenix products as part of our 6 daily meals plan.  Together, we are committed to teaching others how the body is the true miracle once you fuel it with optimal nutrition.  

I will never take my health for granted again and have made a commitment to educate others on taking back their health.  Life is too short to wait until tomorrow or down the road.  Be pro-active rather than reactive.  Far too often we are stricken with illness before we do something about it.  I used to think I ate well and looked after myself but that was far from the truth.  Just because I eat "healthy foods" most of the time didn't mean I was healthy.  In fact I had no idea what that truly meant.  Do you read your labels EVERY time?  Do you make most of your meals from scratch?  Do you buy all organic food?  Are you avoiding GMOs?  Do you know that every number on the fruit and veggie labels equates to how it is grown?  Do you exercise daily?

It has been a privilege and honour to educate, coach and work with close to 200 individuals over the past 2 years.  If you are interested in learning more about my new 90 day nutrition and exercise plan and personal 1-1 coaching, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am looking for like-minded individuals who are committed to a life of health and wellness in Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong,  New Zealand and Australia.  This can include both individuals and businesses. Serious enquiries only please.

What I help with:
Athletic performance and recovery
Weight loss
Weight gain
Slowing the aging process
Increasing overall health
Better sleep
More energy
Supporting healthy families
Optimal nutrition before, during and after pregnancy
Supporting special needs dietary requirements
Creating a business from home

Do you know someone who might benefit from a healthy lifestyle?  I also appreciate and reward others for their referrals.

I will be back tomorrow with some of my final challenge results.  Hope to hear from you soon.



JD said...

Your inspiration is contagious

Karen said...

Holy Allison, you look amazing...

Vanessa said...

WOW!!! Have missed you in blogland and came back today to delete (!) you from my favourites 'cos there's been no activity and saw your profile picture!!! Clearly you have been differently busy - congrats on the very obvious physical changes. Will be staying with you to follow/find out more about this amazing change!!

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